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Gryffindor is the home identified for heroes within the Harry Potter universe, nonetheless, had been there any darkish wizards in Gryffindor? Hogwarts home founder Godric Gryffindor favored the courageous and true of coronary heart and the Sorting Hat rigorously selected college students for Gryffindor home that embodied these particular traits. All through the Harry Potter sequence, Gryffindors remained the titular heroes, the middle of ethical goodness, and those that caught to Harry the closest. Gryffindor is portrayed as so good, in actual fact, that it is exhausting to think about any darkish wizards in Gryffindor.

Nevertheless, Gryffindor has its unhealthy traits together with the nice. Whereas it is true that Gryffindors are courageous, daring, decided, and chivalrous, they may also be reckless, cussed, self-righteous, and might lose all widespread sense in the case of their hero-complex. A Gryffindor being prepared to dive headfirst into hassle is not all the time factor, and whereas the home is not identified for the Darkish Arts in the identical means that Slytherin is, a Gryffindor with a twisted ethical code might simply slide into that lure. Whereas there have not been many darkish wizards in Gryffindor, there are many Gryffindors which have made some evil selections. Here is a listing of essentially the most evil Gryffindors in Harry Potter, ranked from least to most evil.

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11. Harry Potter

Though Harry is the hero, and never technically one of many darkish wizards in Gryffindor, he isn’t flawless. In his quest to destroy evil, he’s the one who comes closest to touching it. The Sorting Hat knew Harry would do nicely in Slytherin, and that is still true all through your entire sequence. Harry falls prey to the evils of vanity, anger, jealousy, recklessness, and narrow-mindedness, in addition to all the time feels that every part facilities round him earlier than anybody else. Regardless of the steering and recommendation of many certified individuals, Harry all the time seems to be to himself first.

On a number of events, even heroic Harry lets satisfaction come earlier than the autumn, tarring him with the identical brush he fights in opposition to. Whereas Harry is usually confirmed proper within the sequence, like within the case of Draco Malfoy throughout The Half-Blood Prince, there are many occasions that Harry has gone in opposition to the well-meaning steering of his personal associates and Professors. Harry’s blind hatred towards Snape was an ideal instance of this. Whereas Snape inarguably made Harry’s life depressing, Harry was solely ever satisfied of his innocence whereas Snape was on his deathbed, making Harry one of many darkish wizards in Gryffindor.

10. Ron Weasley

Though Ron is a technical hero, he’s typically not so heroic, and subsequently one of many considerably darkish wizards in Gryffindor. Beset by fixed insecurity and continuous jealousy of Harry, Ron’s demons get the higher of him on a number of events. In Goblet of Fireplace, when the whole thing of the college activates Harry, when Harry couldn’t presumably have wanted a pal extra, Ron abandons him, leaving him to wrestle with each social stress and imminent demise with out his finest pal.

This foreshadows Ron’s conduct in The Deathly Hallows, when a lot greater stakes are at play, and he leaves Harry and Hermione in anger to seek out and destroy horocruxes on their very own — the destiny of the world actually at stake, arguably making him one of many darkish wizards in Gryffindor. Ron additionally has his personal slender factors of view concerning the world, though he sneers at Slytherins for being bigoted, his personal worldview is coloured by perceptions he would not query, resembling being superior to accommodate elves. Though Ron all the time repents, he by no means give up conquers his emotions of being second finest; his infantile selfishness and slender views by no means totally go away him for many of the sequence.

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9. The Weasley Twins

There’s no option to be grasp pranksters, just like the Weasley twins, with out some quantity of evil, at the very least a critical penchant for chaos, which is usually not far afield. These darkish wizards in Gryffindor have triggered nothing however chaos all through the sequence, and although the twins themselves do not imply critical hurt, they don’t have any means of realizing how their prank merchandise are going for use and by whom. The truth is later within the sequence, their Peruvian Immediate Darkness powder leads to Malfoy’s palms for nefarious functions.

The Weasley twins additionally triggered critical destruction inside the Hogwarts citadel. This occurs primarily throughout Order of the Phoenix when they’re making an attempt to get Umbridge out of the college, however making a “transportable swamp” on the best way to her workplace, so massive that Filch had to assist college students throughout it, could have been overkill. Whereas not essentially the most darkish wizards in Gryffindor, a legitimate criticism is that the Weasley twins did not all the time know when to give up with their pranks, and will’ve triggered critical hurt if left unchecked.

8. Remus Lupin

Remus Lupin counts as one of many darkish wizards in Gryffindor, however not for being a werewolf. Whereas his standing as a werewolf does paint a extra advanced image inside the wizarding world, the precise cause Remus Lupin is on this record is due to his cowardice. In the course of the Maurader days, Lupin was a Gryffindor prefect, and beneath his care, he did completely nothing to cease his associates from focusing on Severus Snape with their vicious bullying. Remus selected to not management his associates in the course of the incident on the Black Lake chronicled in Order of the Phoenix, when it was clearly his duty to talk up — he even admits this later in life.

Along with this, Remus additional shows his cowardice in The Deathly Hallows, in a subplot not included within the film. Whereas Harry, Ron, and Hermione are on the run and staying at Grimmauld Place, Remus Lupin seems there to speak to them. He makes it clear that he needs to hitch their horcrux hunt, however the issue is, Tonks is pregnant. Harry is clearly affronted that Remus would even consider leaving his spouse and unborn youngster behind and rightly places Lupin in his place.

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7. Sirius Black

Sirius and James go hand in hand. Though Sirius was harmless of the crimes he was accused of, he actually proves himself fast to anger, vulnerable to rashness, and possessing a not insignificant quantity of vanity, making him one of many darkish wizards in Gryffindor. Even when he assumes the function of godfather, Sirius can’t appear to maintain Harry from changing into James in his thoughts, making the connection a bit unhealthy for them each. Though it’s not by fault of his personal, there’s a darkness that lurks in Sirius each earlier than and after Azkaban.

Sirius Black was additionally responsible of focusing on Severus Snape, together with James Potter. The 2 made one thing of a sport of utilizing the Mauraders Map to focus on Snape and observe him all through the citadel throughout their days at Hogwarts. What’s worse is that no different cause is given for them to hate Snape, they merely do. Sirius’ rage towards Snape carried over into maturity with ease, and the 2 had been persistently at odds and antagonizing each other all through their second run within the Order of the Phoenix.

6. James Potter

James does develop up, however sadly, spends nearly all of his life in his most disagreeable kind, a bully, making him one of many darkish wizards in Gryffindor. Whereas Severus Snape undoubtedly was reprehensible as a baby himself, James got here from a spot of wealth, privilege, and recognition, and didn’t cease to contemplate the circumstances of his adversaries when he publicly humiliated them. James’s bullying was not liable for the actions Snape dedicated both, however it might probably nonetheless be as equally reprehensible. Typically bullies don’t bully just one particular person, and it appears doubtless that this angle adopted James round in his life generally.

James additionally refused to take heed to Lily to start with when she shut down his advances. It is clear that James adopted Lily all all through her time at Hogwarts, making an attempt to put on her down into relationship him each probability he obtained. Whereas he did change, and his quest wasn’t all for naught, it did not change the truth that James Potter was an outright bully, with even his son Harry being satisfied by Snape’s reminiscences that every part the professor had ever mentioned about him could have been true.

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5. Albus Dumbledore

Albus Dumbledore might positively be thought of one of many darkish wizards in Gryffindor due to his quest for the higher good. Though for many of the sequence, Harry seems to be to him as a beacon of solidity and security, the occasions of the story are advised from Harry’s perspective, making him an unreliable narrator. It turns into clear to followers participating with the sequence that Dumbledore’s evils vary from the grand, for instance, leaving Harry together with his neglectful, if not abusive, kinfolk for 11 years, grooming him, primarily, to die for the seven that adopted, and permitting Snape to hideously bully the kids beneath his tutelage, to the mundane, rescinding a hard-earned Home Cup victory from Slytherin Home in Sorcerer’s Stone.

Dumbledore’s historical past is riddled with problematic views on wizard-muggle relationships, and although he evolves from these, it appears he’s by no means capable of shed all of his biases. In his youth, he shared the identical views because the darkish wizard Gellert Grindelwald, and even introduced his information to what would finally be a deliberate takeover of the muggle world. Whereas Dumbledore modified his thoughts and noticed the error of his methods in the long run, his best fault is how typically he’s satisfied he’s completely proper and the lengths he’ll go to realize his ends, a sentiment that’s eerily shared by Voldemort.

4. Romilda Vane

Romilda might be seen as the feminine equal of Cormac’s banal evil, characterised by Gryffindor traits, making her one of many darkish wizards in Gryffindor. Seduced by the likelihood Harry could possibly be “The Chosen One” in The Half-Blood Prince in addition to his fame in any other case, Romilda spent a great deal of her display time within the sequence making an attempt to win Harry over… in all of the unsuitable methods. From cliquishly implying that Harry would do higher to take a seat along with her and her enticing associates than his personal, to truly making an attempt to slide him a love potion (a potion that ought to be unlawful) unaware, a number of occasions, Romilda takes boldness to extra.

Romilda Vane’s love potion fiasco finds an unwitting casualty in Ron Weasley, which is additional exacerbated when Ron drinks poisoned mead in Slughorn’s workplace. Vane’s flagrant recklessness put Ron in a harrowing state of affairs, and any Gryffindor boy might’ve taken these spiked Cauldron Truffles from Harry’s mattress. Vane is a becoming final identify for her as a result of she is exactly useless. Useless, jealous, and thoughtless of any wishes however her personal to harmful extremes.

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3. Cormac McLaggen

There isn’t any two methods about it, Cormac McLaggen is among the darkish wizards in Gryffindor. Apart from his standing as a Gryffindor and his participation within the remaining battle, there’s not a lot redeeming about Cormac. On this case, two rights do not make up for all of the wrongs. Cormac is boastful, egocentric, and has no notion concerning the personhood of the individuals round him. Throughout The Half-Blood Prince, Cormac has to step in as Keeper for Ron and finally ends up hitting Harry over the top with a beater’s bat, embarrassingly shedding the Quidditch match to Hufflepuff.

Amongst different unhealthy conduct, Hermione overhears him speaking disparagingly about Ron and Ginny, presumably about their lack of wealth, Cormac tries to drive his Quidditch opinions on Harry, although he has no expertise or know-how, and when he escorts Hermione to a dinner, he ignores her need for private house and continues to be aggressive. Fast to anger, overly assured with no trigger, and defensive and whiny when questioned, Cormac is banal evil at its most interesting.

2. Percy Weasley

Percy represents a way more typical evil within the magical world of Harry Potter, and is subsequently one of many darkish wizards in Gryffindor. Ashamed of his background and poverty-ridden mother and father, the attract of significance and standing attracts him to behave in unforgivable methods. At the same time as a pupil at Hogwarts, he’s pompous and self-important, that are attributes that solely amplify after he graduates and receives a job within the Ministry of Magic.

When the ministry refuses to acknowledge Lord Voldemort’s second rise, Percy is confronted with trying to the reality or toeing the celebration line and elects to bend slavishly to authority, alienating his household and reducing ties with them within the course of. Quite a few occasions all through the Harry Potter sequence, Percy Weasley forsakes his household (and Harry’s security) for his personal profession inside the Ministry, even agreeing to reunite together with his household beneath false pretenses to permit Scrimgeour to talk to Harry. In being an unquestioning servant to a self-serving minister and authorities, Percy commits his personal form of evil, incomes him a spot as one of many darkish wizards in Gryffindor.

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1. Peter Pettigrew

Peter Pettigrew may be the evilest character of your entire sequence, making him the highest of the darkish wizards in Gryffindor pile. A coward by nature, Peter betrayed his associates, organized for Lily and James’s demise, value Sirius his freedom, lived life as a rat for 12 years, value Sirius his freedom once more, and helped Lord Voldemort rise once more. If it wasn’t for Peter, Voldemort would have remained a shade for the remainder of his days, sparing the Wizarding World a second battle.

Though Peter will not be “the darkish lord” himself, he drives dwelling the purpose that evil can be nothing with out its supporters, and greater than earns himself a spot on this record. It is unclear when Peter Pettigrew turned to the darkish aspect, however even all through his youth, he was a follower and by no means a frontrunner. It is exhausting to neglect that it was Peter who discovered the Darkish Lord and nursed him again to well being within the Riddle home throughout Goblet of Fireplace, helping in orchestrating the occasions of the Triwizard Event to guide Harry into Voldemort’s clutches. Pettigrew is by far the darkest wizard in Gryffindor and one of many worst in Harry Potter.

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