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Ashley Johnson is greatest identified for taking part in Ellie within the online game model of The Final of Us (and its sequel), however she additionally received an opportunity to make an look within the season finale of the HBO present as Ellie’s mother, Anna. Johnson talked extra concerning the alternative and what it meant to be on this world as soon as once more however from a distinct viewpoint.

She stated Anna was an extension of Ellie and acknowledged that it was “particular for [her] to play the mom of this character that [she cares] so deeply about.” Johnson then recalled how even Ellie’s first few seconds had been a battle, as Anna gave start whereas being attacked by an contaminated being, which reveals how robust Ellie has needed to be since day one.

Online game diversifications require massive modifications to suit the wants of a extra passive medium. Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann…

Filming the precise scene, in response to Johnson, was intense, too, as she stated she was performing, however was additionally truly scared as a result of stuntwoman Kelsey Andries’ intense efficiency because the contaminated individual. Regardless of her fears, she stated she couldn’t consider she was getting the possibility to be within the present in that capability and stated she would “always remember it.”

Johnson had talked about taking the position in different avenues, as properly. She even famous on the official The Final of Us podcast that she cried when Neil Druckmann referred to as her about it. Increasing upon that with Deadline after the finale aired, she stated that she was nervous however completely satisfied and be the primary individual in Ellie’s life that fights for her to stay. Johnson additionally informed The Hollywood Reporter that she had theories of why Ellie was immune, however determined to focus extra on the relationships within the present.

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