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In case you’ve ever heard of the butterfly impact it positively applies to this example as one fan’s makes an attempt to attach the dots between Bucky Barnes, aka the Winter Soldier, and Secret Wars truly form of make sense.

The reason shared on the Marvel Studios subreddit explains how Bucky Barnes killing Howard Stark prompted a domino impact that in the end results in every thing that’s transpired within the MCU thus far. They clarify how every occasion results in the following and it’s arduous to discover a fault of their logic.

There are some components of the redditor’s clarification that don’t make sense. For instance, why cease on the Winter Soldier? Absolutely he can’t get all of the blame, proper? What about those that made him? What about Hydra? Effectively, it seems that’s what just a few different followers thought as properly, though they took it again a little bit additional than Hydra.

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The dialog turns into surprisingly biblical in nature.

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Whereas it’s a cool clarification, you can blame anybody for something within the MCU. If it weren’t for Obadiah Stane making an attempt to kill Tony Stark, he wouldn’t have turn into Iron Man and subsequently wouldn’t have stopped Thanos. So Iron Monger is clearly the actual hero of the MCU. 

Blaming Bucky for the Secret Wars and the multiverse is form of loopy, but it surely’s equally entertaining to attach the dots and see how every little domino piece knocks down one thing greater.

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