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Walter is simply as bizarre as Misty — distrusting of authority, theatrical, and excited by the joys of sneaky detective work. The scene the place Misty has to feed Walter questions in an earpiece is likely one of the most humorous moments of the season to this point. It showcases Christina Ricci and Elijah Wooden’s impeccable comedian timing as they speak over each other in seething whispers and frantically put together for Randy’s arrival. 

The juxtaposition of their interrogation strategies is hilarious: Misty hisses at Walter to slap Randy and “go for the kill,” however he’s extra regular and gentle-voiced, and would somewhat use kindness and endurance to attract data out of Randy. The distinction between their investigative types will inevitably add rigidity to any future mystery-solving journeys they go on. 

Another excuse their relationship is so compelling is that it confronts Misty’s emotions as an outsider. Misty longs for acceptance from others, however when she lastly meets somebody who genuinely likes her, she feels awkward and unsure. Christina Ricci makes her insecurity round Walter really feel genuine in her stilted gestures and expressions. The one factor that Misty is assured about is her sleuthing and survival expertise, and it is fascinating to see that self-assurance being challenged by another person. 

Misty’s fussy demeanor opposes Walter’s relaxed, seemingly heat qualities, and this distinction makes their partnership participating. Elijah Wooden has such an amiable presence that works effectively towards the onerous shell that Christina Ricci builds round Misty. It is going to be fascinating to see if Walter can break it. By giving Misty somebody new to bounce off of throughout her investigation, “Yellowjackets” creates a storyline with better suspense and pleasure — particularly if Walter discovers the reality about Adam. Their buddy-detective dynamic deepens Misty’s seek for acceptance and accentuates her weirdness.

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