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A captivating interview given by Chuck Berry to the punk fanzine Jet Lag in 1980 learn like a bridge between cultures. In these days of the brand new wave, it reveals his opinions on recordings by such vital artists in their very own proper as The Conflict and Wire – and that whereas he wasn’t positive in regards to the Intercourse Pistols and Pleasure Division, he had loads of time for Speaking Heads and the Ramones. 

The rock’n’roll pioneer was performed various current releases by the journal and, as a spokesman for teenagers of a earlier technology, requested his opinion on some key current releases. Berry made comparisons between a few of these younger weapons and earlier, time-honored work by himself and others. 

Listening to the Pistols’ punk staple “God Save The Queen,” for instance, he requested: “What’s this man [Johnny Rotten/John Lydon] so offended about anyway? Guitar work and development is like mine. Good backbeat. Can’t perceive a lot of the vocals. If you happen to’re going to be mad not less than let the folks know what you’re mad about.”

Contemplating Wire’s “I Am the Fly” and the Pleasure Division album Unknown Pleasures, Chuck dominated: “So that is the so-called new stuff. It’s nothing I ain’t heard earlier than. It feels like an previous blues jam that BB [King] and Muddy [Waters] would keep on backstage on the previous amphitheatre in Chicago. The devices could also be completely different, however the experiment’s the identical.”

‘I solely knew three chords too’

Of the Conflict’s “Full Management,” Berry referred again to the Pistols by saying: “Feels like the primary one. The rhythm and chording work effectively collectively. Did this man have a sore throat when he sang the vocals?”

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His best enthusiasm was reserved for the Ramones’ “Sheena is a Punk Rocker” (“An excellent little leap quantity. These guys remind me of myself after I first began, I solely knew three chords too”) and Speaking Heads. Of their “Psycho Killer,” he stated: “A cool little quantity, that’s for positive. I just like the bass [by Tina Weymouth] so much. Good combination and an actual good circulation. The singer [David Byrne] feels like he has a foul case of stage fright.”

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