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Picture: Marvel Comics

Sure, Monica Rambeau was Captain Marvel earlier than Carol Danvers. And no, in contrast to Carol, she had nothing to do with the unique Captain Marvel, the alien spy-turned-hero Mar-Vell who died in 1982, the identical yr Monica debuted. After getting some assist managing her immense, newfound powers from Iron Man, Monica was inducted into the Avengers virtually instantly. She fought villains each on Earth and all through the galaxy, not solely changing into a necessary member of the crew, however finally the chief of the Avengers as nicely. Sadly, her time in cost was minimize brief by the traitorous Physician Druid, who manipulated her into questioning her personal management skills. Quickly, after Druid had turned Avengers ally Marina right into a sea monster (don’t ask), Monica was compelled to enter the ocean, which dispersed her molecules. When she reassembled herself, she was weak, frail, and emaciated, and was compelled to resign.

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