Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

Anthropic, the bogus intelligence firm based by ex-OpenAI staff, has launched its AI chatbot, Claude. Whereas the device does a lot of what OpenAI’s ChatGPT can, Anthropic says its early purchasers report the device’s “much less prone to produce dangerous outputs” and is “simpler to converse with.”

Like OpenAI, Anthropic additionally has large tech backing: Google invested $300 million into Anthropic in February. The corporate’s chatbot — much like ChatGPT — can present summaries, reply questions, present help with writing, and generate code. You may also tweak the chatbot’s tone, persona, and habits, which sounds a bit extra complete than the “inventive, balanced, and exact” settings Bing’s chatbot provides.

General, the aim of Anthropic is to develop an AI assistant that’s “useful, sincere, and innocent.” It additionally has no potential to entry the web, as Anthropic says it’s designed to be “self-contained.”

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