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Hayley Marshall entered The Vampire Diaries on a mission to find out about her start household and why she was adopted, and the main points of her hidden lineage ended up being crucial to her place within the New Orleans supernatural group. Although her daughter, Hope, was the important thing to launching the spinoff The Originals, Hayley was ceaselessly essentially the most motivated, lively determine, monitoring down anybody who knew about her background. As Hayley discovered extra about her start household, she constantly used the data to struggle for her household and construct a spot for the werewolves in New Orleans.

Set throughout and after The Vampire Diaries’ timeline, The Originals used Hayley as a solution to discover each the inheritances of blood household and the power of chosen household. Whereas Hayley stored her adoptive identify and embraced her area within the Mikaelson household, she by no means forgot the potential life that she would have led as Andrea Labonair, honoring each elements of herself. As a result of supernatural standing is an inherited trait for seemingly each species apart from vampires, Hayley’s lineage turns into probably the most necessary elements of her character arc, in addition to factoring into the threats that her daughter confronted.

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Who Have been Hayley’s Beginning Mother and father?

Though they had been by no means really named, Hayley’s start dad and mom had been werewolves from the Labonair line, one in all two ruling households among the many Crescent wolves. What that meant for Hayley was that, because of the bloodbath of her household across the time of her start, she was the final member of the Labonairs and due to this fact was an Alpha werewolf by start within the TVD universe. It is not instantly clear whether or not Hayley would have been guided to set off her werewolf gene or would have remained human except and till she was pressured to kill somebody, however her identify alone, and the Crescent birthmark that proved it, held a substantial amount of energy.

The opposite Crescent wolves rapidly devoted themselves to defending her when she first got here to New Orleans, largely as a result of she held symbolic energy because the final descendant of the rulers who had stored them on high of the New Orleans hierarchy. As Jackson defined in The Originals season 1, episode 13, “Crescent Metropolis,” Hayley represented “a time when issues had been completely different. When our folks fought again.” This gave Hayley a direct household within the bayou, though her affiliation with Marcel Gerard and the Mikaelson household made some consider her as a traitor to her species and her bloodline.

The ultimate reward Hayley obtained from her start dad and mom was a betrothal to Jackson Kenner, who was the Alpha of the opposite dominant werewolf line in New Orleans. Though he did not drive Hayley to reside the life that had been established for Andrea Labonair, Jackson did stay fiercely dedicated to his meant spouse, notably as she put herself in hurt’s solution to struggle for the opposite Crescent wolves. The best consequence of this betrothal was Hayley and Jackson’s eventual marriage, which was mixed with the Unification Ceremony to present all Crescent wolves the flexibility to show at will because of Hayley’s hybrid standing.

Why Was Hayley Adopted?

Shortly after her start, Hayley’s start dad and mom had been killed by Richard Xavier Dumas, leaving Hayley an orphan who wanted safety. In response to Jackson in season 2, episode 12 “Sanctuary,” Dumas was “a militant radical hell-bent on elevating conflict with vampires,” which led him to kill the reigning Alphas and their households earlier than they may try to determine peace among the many New Orleans factions. Whereas Marcel argued that the Labonairs had a bent for choosing fights and discovering enemies, Hayley and the Mikaelsons would later study that Dumas had been influenced by the Hole.

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Though it is unknown why Andrea was not killed, Marcel discovered her and took her to Father Kieran to make sure she acquired out of New Orleans safely. He shared this data with Hayley in season 1, episode 19 “An Unblinking Dying” as a solution to show his dedication to defending kids, which served as an necessary second in Hayley studying to belief Marcel’s intentions. Along with ensuring that Hayley acquired safely adopted by a household exterior of New Orleans, Marcel ensured she was not impacted by the curse he placed on the Crescent werewolves, permitting her to develop into a girl with out struggling for the crimes of her dad and mom.

Whereas Marcel’s plan made sense underneath regular circumstances, Hayley suffered as a result of she was not raised with the information of her werewolf gene. Hayley triggered her curse at solely 13, at which level her adoptive dad and mom threw her out for being a monster. By eradicating Hayley from werewolf communities altogether, Marcel made it so she needed to find out about her nature with out anybody to information her or inform her she was nonetheless value loving. This was a significant factor in Hayley’s choice to maintain and defend Hope, as she by no means wished her daughter to must really feel as misplaced and unloved as she did.

How Does Hayley’s Lineage Join Her To The Historical past Of The Supernatural World?

One of the crucial necessary developments in The Vampire Diaries and The Originals concerned establishing origin tales for every supernatural species, and Hayley grew to become part of that as a result of her reference to the primary werewolves in historical past. The Labonair bloodline went again to a tribe of Native American witches who had shaped by becoming a member of their two strongest members via marriage. The product of this union was named Inadu (or the Hole), a witch who gave the impression to be unstoppable in her personal time and was practically as invulnerable when she discovered a solution to come again within the modern-day.

When the tribe managed to take Inadu down, she cursed all these concerned, who grew to become the seven werewolf bloodlines. These werewolves far pre-dated the Authentic vampires, and as a hybrid, Klaus will need to have additionally descended from the identical authentic tribe. Of these seven bloodlines, 4 had been tasked with defending the Hole’s bones and protecting them aside to stop her resurrection. Hayley’s dad and mom had been killed, not only for their insurance policies, however as a result of they had been defending one of many 4 bones. This defined how Hayley’s standing as werewolf royalty started, why her dad and mom had been actually killed, and what her function was in stopping the Hole from rising.

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Along with stopping Inadu from rising, the Labonair line may kill the Hole if she did rise, as they descended from Inadu’s mom, who had killed her the primary time. This led the Hole to focus on Hayley and Hope to restrict her weaknesses. Nonetheless, whereas Labonair blood damage the Hole, it needed to be coupled with the demise of an immortal to both entice her or launch her totally. Whereas this was extremely necessary throughout season 4, it was largely deserted throughout season 5, as Klaus defeated Inadu with simply the demise of an immortal, not needing Hayley or Hope’s blood to complete it.

Hayley’s connection to Inadu and her household was instrumental in establishing her place in supernatural historical past. Hayley’s lineage made Hope’s triple nature stronger, in addition to explaining why she can be such a fascinating goal for the Hole. Each Hayley and Hope had been straight related to the Authentic werewolves, and each had been descended from witches, which helps clarify why Hope stored her magic after turning into a vampire. The Originals typically targeted on the Mikaelson bloodline, however Hayley’s background offered the household with allies and enemies the identical approach, which needs to be acknowledged by viewers who are likely to see Hope as her father’s daughter with out acknowledging Hayley’s affect.

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