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Along with creating beskar armor and dealing on weaponry, the Armorer is the ethical authority for the covert she runs. As we all know, Mandalore was destroyed, and the individuals have been scattered across the galaxy. We even obtained a touching scene the place Mando teaches Grogu that, to be a Mandalorian, it’s essential to know navigation, so that you’re by no means alone. With their individuals unfold out and away from their homeworlds, having somebody who can maintain the custom alive turns into much more necessary. Swallow mentioned: 

“I would prefer to suppose she is any individual who upholds what’s sacred and what’s true. She’s the one who’s kind of been the guts and the soul of the Mandalorian individuals and reminding them what has held them collectively. The creed is one thing that lots of them have felt not price holding to, however via all the pieces that is occurred, it’s the factor that has held most of them collectively, and it’s the factor that has appeared most true to them.”

This does not make her dogmatic, although. She’s nonetheless open to listening to and studying, as she’s proven a number of instances. She accepts Grogu into Din’s clan of two and assigns him to be Grogu’s father when she learns of his emotions and his quest. She does not consider that Mandalore is accessible, so she tells Din that he can’t relieve his apostatic state however is prepared to hear when he tells her concerning the traveler who reached the floor. When he returns, she exhibits no challenge or resentment about being proved unsuitable. Not solely that, however regardless of the issues she’d mentioned about Bo-Katan’s beliefs and the way they battle with hers, she presents redemption to her with out hesitation or perhaps a request for it.

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