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Warning! SPOILERS for Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Amongst Thieves!

Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Amongst Thieves just lately discovered its approach from the desk to the massive display, however did the movie put all its expertise factors in accuracy? Dungeons & Dragons is a famously advanced sport due to how a lot flexibility it offers its gamers. Dungeons & Dragons’ spells and talents are quite a few, and there are participant races and lessons, subclasses, weapons, and magical objects, not to mention the complexity of a collaborative narrative. With this wealth of supply materials, Dungeon & Dragons: Honor Amongst Thieves had greater than sufficient to work with, with the caveat that telling a narrative that’s each thrilling and feels true to the spirit of the sport doesn’t need to completely apply the mechanics.


Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Amongst Thieves tells the story of a disparate group of adventurers, together with Edgin the bard (Chris Pine), Holga the barbarian (Michelle Rodriguez), Simon the sorcerer (Justice Smith), and Doric the druid (Sophia Lillis). Collectively, the ragtag group works to save lots of Edgin’s daughter, Kira (Chloe Coleman), and battle a strong arcane evil. This quest takes them the world over from town of Neverwinter to the depths of the Underdark as they unravel the plot surrounding them.

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Honor Amongst Thieves Will get Simon’s Wild Magic Proper

In Dungeons & Dragons, sorcerers are individuals who can solid magic innately. Nonetheless, a few of these characters’ entry to magic comes with a value, as the ability they’ve inside can typically be too highly effective to manage. These wild magic surges may cause unexpected results, and Simon experiences a surge identical to this whereas performing in an area theater. Though this sport mechanic doesn’t come up typically within the movie, Simon attributes his unintended gravity reversal to wild magic, triggered when he tries to solid a standard spell. That is correct to Dungeons & Dragons, as wild magic sorcerers should often roll a die to see if their powers surge uncontrolled.

Honor Amongst Thieves Will get Converse With Lifeless Proper

One other magical accuracy in Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Amongst Thieves is when Simon and his pals solid the spell ‘converse with lifeless’ to find the Helmet of Disjunction. Simon’s notes on the limitation of the spell had been completely correct, as the sport model of ‘converse with lifeless’ calls forth a lifeless creature to reply 5 questions, after which the spell can’t be solid on them for one more 10 days. How finicky a query might be can also be correct, as many gamers have run afoul of unintended and mistaken queries, relying on how nitpicky their sport grasp is.

Honor Amongst Thieves’ Magic Gadgets Have been A Bit OP For The Sport

Talking of Simon’s ‘converse with lifeless’ spell, which he solid with an elven token, most of the magical objects had been a bit stronger than they usually are within the sport. Granted, many Dungeons & Dragons video games embody homebrew objects that may fluctuate wildly in energy and scope, and there’s usually no ‘flawed’ approach to make or use a magic merchandise. However most objects include a specific amount of ‘costs’ or makes use of, per day, relying on the ability and rarity of the artifact. Such limitations equivalent to these would apply to Kira’s necklace or Simon’s Hither Thither employees, however as an alternative, each characters appeared to have the ability to use both merchandise an infinite quantity of instances per day in Honor Amongst Thieves.

Doric’s Druid Powers Have been Extra Restricted In Honor Amongst Thieves

Doric’s skills as a druid had been significantly totally different in Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Amongst Thieves. Within the sport, druids as a Dungeons & Dragons class use way more magic than their wild form skills. To be truthful, a druid’s shapeshifting is without doubt one of the foremost options that distinguish their class, however all of them can solid highly effective elemental spells, heal their pals, converse with animals, and extra. In addition to this, Doric was in a position to make use of her wild form way more typically than most druids can whereas within the sport. Relying on how lengthy they’ve been enjoying, most druids can solely remodel into animals twice per day, as an alternative of Doric’s fluid shifting into a number of animals in minutes.

Chris Pine’s Bard Didn’t Have The Powers He May Have

One other character whose powers had been considerably restricted in Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Amongst Thieves compared to his tabletop counterpart was Edgin. In Dungeons & Dragons, bards aren’t simply intelligent audio system and strategists, however they’re additionally typically this. Bards are jack-of-all-trades casters and may use spells which can be usually restricted to the opposite lessons. If the film had adopted the sport’s mechanics completely, Edgin may have had the power to create illusions or lightning by his music whereas remaining an inspiring chief.

Honor Amongst Thieves’ Attunement Was Means Tougher

Lastly, one key distinction in Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Amongst Thieves was Simon’s issue attuning to the highly effective Helmet of Disjunction. Often, when a personality must attune to a magical merchandise, they merely must spend half-hour to at least one hour working with it to study its properties and bond to it. Simon’s self-imposed psychological block that had the helmet violently rejecting him just isn’t usually the norm. Nonetheless, this course of was extra participating than a typical attunement, and a sport grasp may very properly select to make attuning to such a strong merchandise a roleplaying train with related outcomes to the movie, making the participant’s eventual success all of the extra gratifying.

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