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Within the recreation, Joel is virtually super-human. He brutally takes on legions of enemies and — in true online game vogue — can patch up deadly wounds with nothing however alcohol and tattered rags. He has superhuman listening to, permitting him to find enemies throughout the map; he is robust sufficient to punch folks to loss of life; and he is proficient with each single weapon he encounters. Additionally, by advantage of being the sport’s main playable character, his well being can all the time be absolutely restored. It is nearly as if his journey with Ellie takes no actual toll. The one exception is his near-fatal harm on the school campus, however even then, he plows by means of the cannibal clan nicely earlier than he is absolutely healed. 

Pedro Pascal’s Joel might by no means.

It is not that this model of Joel is weak. Making that case could be absurd: the truth that he is survived the world for this lengthy speaks for itself. To not point out the truth that we have additionally seen him fend off clickers, snap necks, win gunfights, and customarily terrify anybody with the slightest information of his violent historical past. Joel is succesful — however there’s nothing super-human in regards to the man.

For some time, Ellie is none the wiser. Although he is not all the time the warmest companion, Joel is her protector. He is the man who beat a FEDRA soldier to loss of life in her honor. However we quickly see cracks in that facade. Simply as Mazin promised, Joel is initially a 56-year-old survivor. He is misplaced his listening to in a single ear; his knees aren’t what they was once; he falls asleep when he needs to be on watch; he freezes when a second calls for he acts rapidly, and he is battling panic assaults.

Joel is not a bulldozer or an unkillable fiend. He is only a man. He could be stabbed or shot, like anybody else. Horrifying as it could be, Joel could be killed.

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