Fri. Jul 19th, 2024

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The warmest and most welcome addition to the Star Wars universe made her debut on The Mandalorian’s “Weapons for Rent” episode.

Star Wars superfan and recognized Grogu admirer Lizzo made an look because the Dutchess of Plazir-15 within the Outer Rim territories throughout a aspect quest detour on the collection. (Notice: The Mandalorian subtitles and Lizzo spelled it “Dutchess,” so we’re going with that for now, regardless of a Lucasfilm tweet spelling it “Duchess.”) She’s a royal and elected official married to Jack Black’s Captain Bombardier, a reformed Imperial. And truthfully we’re obsessed—her robe full with holographic projected prepare, regal demeanor, prompt reference to Grogu (and her pleasant determination to knight the little man)… all of “Weapons for Rent” might have simply centered on these characters. We wish the Grogu and Lizzo reduce of the episode, please Lucasfilm!

If like me you’re now eager to see extra about the way it all got here to occur, right here’s a gallery of Lizzo’s posts, constructing as much as her lastly with the ability to share extra in regards to the expertise of turning into Star Wars canon and besties with Grogu.

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