Mon. Mar 27th, 2023

All through the second season of “Picard,” Dr. Jurati (Alison Capsule) butted heads with that universe’s evil Borg queen (the late Annie Wersching), and the Borg queen ended up assimilating Jurati’s thoughts. This was, because of a time warp, all set within the yr 2024. When the sequence returned to the longer term, it was revealed that Dr. Jurati had been a Borg queen for hundreds of years, and was solely assimilating the Stargazer as a result of she wanted a fleet of starships to cease a large and harmful spatial phenomenon that was, previous to that immediate, by no means talked about. The Jurati Borg defined that unity, diplomacy, and dealing collectively was the brand new ethos of the Borg. “Picard” implied that the Borg — the complete species — had turned over a brand new leaf and that they would not be villains anymore. 

Because of the brand new season of “Picard,” nonetheless, it appears that evidently Jurati’s “kindler gentler Borg” have been a one-off fluke, and that the Borg have been left intact as a soulless species of conquering cyborgs. Thank goodness. 

On the newest episode of “Picard,” referred to as “No Win State of affairs,” Captain Shaw (Todd Stashwick) is taking a load off within the holodeck earlier than he and his crew are more likely to be destroyed inside a harmful nebula. As a result of he’s a large jerkwad (however, y’know, respectable), Shaw factors out to Picard that the latter was as soon as assimilated, and that he was not less than not directly liable for the 11,000 deaths on the Battle of Wolf-359 (Shaw barely escaped together with his personal life, and has the emotional scars to show it). Though Shaw’s first officer was as soon as Borg (Jeri Ryan’s Seven of 9), he does not have a rosy view of them. “The Borg are nonetheless on the market,” he says, implying that the Jurati Borg was however a fluke. 

Importantly, Shaw says “Neglect that Stargazer s***,” instantly contradicting the finale of season 2. 

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