Sat. Apr 1st, 2023

Now that Tarantino has opened the door to novelizations, is there a risk for expansions of his different movies (save for “Jackie Brown,” which was primarily based on Elmore Leonard’s “Rum Punch”)? Tarantino informed Phipps he has little interest in doing this with “Pulp Fiction,” however what about that hypothetical sequel to “Kill Invoice” centered on Vernita Inexperienced’s daughter, Nikki? Or his unmade “Star Trek” pitch, which was fleshed out right into a screenplay by “The Revenant” author Mark L. Smith?

Or what concerning the holy grail for a lot of old-school Tarantino heads, “The Vega Brothers,” which might take care of the origins of Victor and Vincent Vega, the hitmen brothers performed by Michael Madsen and John Travolta in, respectively, “Reservoir Canine” and “Pulp Fiction?” On condition that Madsen and Travolta are approach too far alongside to reprise their roles, this appears like the best grist for a novelization. There is not any want to regulate to new actors attempting to recapture the magic of these performances. You’ll be able to watch the film in your head with Madsen and Travolta.

Nobody is aware of what the long run holds for QT as he prepares to show 60 this month, however at a sure level, this would possibly not be a query of will, however age. The person has two younger kids vying for his consideration these days. That “off” swap has to look awfully tempting.

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