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Spoilers for “The Unhealthy Batch” Season 2 Episode 14 – “Tipping Level” observe.

Because the Unhealthy Batch (Dee Bradley Baker) continues to cover out on Pabu — each from the Empire and from Cid (Rhea Perlman) — the remainder of the galaxy strikes on. This episode begins with plenty of arrested clones, together with one named Howzer, being transported by the Empire to elements unknown. Captain Rex, Echo, and their crew of renegade clones have a distinct thought and liberate them by drive. Within the course of, they get a fraction of knowledge from the ship’s pc that would lead them in the correct route, however they want somebody extremely proficient to decode the knowledge, so Echo makes preparations to fulfill with Tech and the remainder of the Unhealthy Batch on Pabu.

In the meantime, on the Imperial Superior Science Division facility at Mount Tantiss, Dr. Royce Hemlock (Jimmi Simpson) begins torturing Crosshair, hoping to get info out of him which may result in the seize of Omega. Crosshair is not speaking, although, and he makes a bid to flee. Sadly, the torture has made him weak and he cannot impact a correct getawa. He is captured after getting a fraction of a message out to his previous brothers, however then he is taken again into custody and the cycle begins yet again.

Again on Pabu, Tech is ready to get a number of the knowledge retrieved and discovers quite a bit concerning the Superior Science Division, however not why they’re abducting clones are the place they’re situated.

This episode begins to deliver all the threads of the season collectively, as we head into subsequent week’s two-part finale.

Howzer And The Clone Rescue

The captured clone that Rex and Echo intend to rescue is known as Howzer, and it isn’t the primary time we have seen him on “The Unhealthy Batch.” He appeared within the first season as one of many Clones in command of the Empire’s response to Ryloth. Even then, he was already questioning orders and performing skeptical of the Empire. Ultimately, he turned in opposition to Crosshair and his troops, giving a gap for the Unhealthy Batch to win the day on Ryloth. He was promptly arrested and it looks like this is likely to be his ultimate elimination from a facility on Balmorra to Mount Tantiss.

It makes a whole lot of sense that these disgruntled clones which can be turning in opposition to the Empire could be good fodder for the experiments of the Superior Science Division of the Empire. Fortunately, Rex, Echo, Gregor, and others had been readily available to rescue them from the clutches of the Empire, which is changing into extra ruthless by the day. The truth is, we even be taught that Dr. Royce Hemlock, the person doing one thing to reeducate these clones was kicked out of the Republic science division for being too excessive.

Particulars To Watch Out For

There have been just a few issues on this episode that tied again to issues we talked about in earlier episodes. Senator Chuchi made one other look — the primary because the mid-season two-part episode. She first appeared on “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” and now seems to be financing (or a minimum of supporting) Captain Rex’s mission to rescue the mistreated Clones scattered throughout the galaxy.

One other is Governor Tarkin, identified finest for his position in “A New Hope,” coming again to the present, albeit briefly. Tarkin appears to be the chief architect pulling the strings to make sure that the Clones are now not part of the Imperial navy and are changed by less expensive conscripts and he doubles down on that on this episode.

A planet that received name-dropped — the location of the rescue mission that kicked the episode off — was Balmorra. It has been talked about right here and there within the present canon, though it had a whole lot of backstory within the Legends of “Star Wars.” It was a manufacturing facility world out within the Colonies area of the galaxy. In a tie-in e-book, Maz Kanata famous that it was dwelling to an outlaw storage. Within the previous canon, it featured prominently in every thing from the “Knights of the Previous Republic” all the best way to the “Destiny of the Jedi” sequence on the finish of the Legends timeline.

It is attention-grabbing to see how Kevin Kiner and his staff are working to make this present really feel like “Star Wars”, however nonetheless far sufficient from the traditional themes of the unique motion pictures to make it really feel like we’re nonetheless marching in that route however we aren’t there but. This felt notably up entrance with hints of the Imperial themes used at the start of the episode, providing you with a delicate trace of the long run.

My favourite nod on this episode to different features of “Star Wars” comes within the type of Omega’s coaching as a pilot. There is a second when Tech is coaching her and tells her to enter a dive, however she will get a bit gleeful as Tech chides her to tug up. It felt very very like that second on Coruscant with Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi in “Assault of the Clones”.

Little nods like this are good reminders that the makers of those exhibits are followers of “Star Wars” and preserve all of this continuity constant with the intention to give us probably the most thrilling expertise doable.


One factor I can say about “The Unhealthy Batch” is that this present is changing into an increasing number of brutal. This isn’t the primary time we have seen an officer or different devoted Imperial die through tooth explosives with the intention to preserve their secrets and techniques secure. The widespread denominator is that they’ve all been working to maintain the secrets and techniques of the Superior Science Division secret. What’s it they’re hiding with such zeal?

Now we have a guess, as we glance far to the long run, and the place the cloning packages finally took us in “The Rise of Skywalker,” nevertheless it’s virtually too early for characters exterior of these engaged on it to find out about it.

The factor I appreciated about this episode, although, is that it began to string all the disparate storylines we have seen this season into one widespread thread and leaves us with a whole lot of questions.

Will the Unhealthy Batch depart Pabu in the hunt for the Imperials which can be searching clones? Or will the Superior Science Division, on the hunt for Omega, arrive on Pabu with the intention to confront them? Will either side be ships passing within the night time and every loses one thing as they make these strikes on the similar time?

That is good “Star Wars” and it is tying into the broader universe with excessive stakes. It appears like understanding this storyline with the Superior Science Division shall be as very important as having watched “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” whenever you watch all the live-action materials. I might be shocked if this does not have a minimum of some tie to future live-action storytelling.

However even when it would not, it is nice “Star Wars” all by itself. Between this and at present’s episode of “The Mandalorian” it appears like “Star Wars” followers are spoiled. 

And I am right here for it.

The season finale of “The Unhealthy Batch” airs on Wednesday March 29, 2023 on Disney+.

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