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Now, there is no disgrace in a corny, emotional spherical of karaoke — however you must construct in direction of it and assess the vibes. Nobody goes to Karaoke to look at a lonely man sing a tragic ballad. As the primary singer of the night time, Connor instantly turns into the moist blanket, and his siblings discover his pity get together excruciating. Mockingly, although he is campaigned himself for POTUS, Connor has at all times been the Roy sibling with the least occurring, and right here he’s at his most pathetic breaking level. As Roman mentioned, “That is Guantanamo-level s***.”

So why “Well-known Blue Raincoat”? On the floor, Leonard Cohen’s tune is about betrayal and infidelity; its lyrics are written within the type of a letter addressed to a person Cohen believes his spouse is leaving him behind for. All through this episode, whereas Willa runs away from Connor, he is been more and more paranoid that she has escaped to be with one other man, or maybe jumped off a bridge (his siblings notably do not reassure him that he is overreacting). That is in all probability sufficient clarification for why Connor selected this tune as it’s, however there’s additionally a mysterious layer to Cohen’s monitor that feels narratively becoming as properly.

Although it’s structured like a letter, the lyrics are obscure and ambiguous sufficient that it is usually debated whether or not or not the narrative of the tune is literal or imaginary. Is it a person that has taken Cohen’s spouse and led her astray, or is the person a development of his personal thoughts? Perhaps the person is a illustration of destiny itself. Cohen is blaming some power that’s seducing his spouse away, however there’s an ironic denial that his relationship was on shaky floor because it was.

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