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The Yellowjackets lastly did the factor. 

After Yellowjackets teased a descent into cannibalism for an entire season, the crew lastly sinks their enamel into Jackie (Ella Purnell) in Season 2 episode 2, aptly titled “Edible Advanced.” The scene is as gruesomely chaotic as you’d hoped or not it’s, with the ladies succumbing to the scent of Jackie’s roasting physique in their very own twisted model of a final supper. Whereas Jackie’s demise was closely foreshadowed in Season 1’s finale and even Season 2’s first episode, attentive followers may have seen this coming from the present’s pilot episode due to a neat little clue — Jackie’s necklace. 

Jackie’s necklace was first seen on Pit Lady.
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The present’s very first episode begins with a grim scene that gave us a glimpse of what the crew would flip into after months within the wilderness. A faceless brunette woman, unofficially dubbed “Pit Lady” by followers, is proven working — or maybe being chased — by the snowy woods, earlier than she falls to her demise in a pit of wood spikes. Her physique will get dragged off by figures in uncanny costumes to what can solely be described as a cult ritual led by the “Antler Queen” (whom we now presume to be Lottie (Courtney Eaton). Whereas we do not but know the identification of Pit Lady, the digicam lingers lengthy sufficient on her physique to indicate she’s carrying Jackie’s necklace. Contemplating Jackie’s munched-up destiny, it is potential her necklace has taken on an entire new that means. 

We first understand the necklace is initially Jackie’s when she lends it to Shauna (Sophie Nélisse) earlier than their fateful flight takes off, as a superb luck attraction that’ll defend her. Nicely, the crew’s aircraft crashed proper after the alternate, so maybe it is extra of a hex than anything. Plus, since Jackie was carrying the necklace when she died and we see Pit Lady later carrying that very same necklace, it is completely potential that it is change into a logo of one thing far more for the ladies. The necklace may additionally a approach to determine their subsequent sufferer, not not like the way in which cows are tagged earlier than heading to slaughter.

We’re additionally seeing a brand new facet to Lottie’s spiritualism this season as she refines her totally different rituals and beliefs, in addition to getting the others to hitch in. And if we understood something from Lottie’s cryptic French declaration in Season 1’s finale — “Shed blood, my lovely buddies, and let the darkness set us free” —  it is that blood should be sacrificed for them to outlive, and that all the pieces the forest provides them should be returned to it not directly. 


‘Yellowjackets’ Season 2 opens with the right tune

Understanding Lottie’s perception system is vital as a result of whereas Jackie’s physique was burning, one thing within the forest dumped an avalanche of snow in simply the best place to snuff out the pyre, slow-cooking Jackie’s flesh as a substitute. The scent of roasting meat and their ravenous our bodies’ response overrode any lingering disgust over this main taboo. The crew takes this as an indication from the wilderness, justifying that it desires them to eat her, so utilizing Jackie’s necklace as a tag might be one other side of the ritual Lottie cooks up (so to talk). Putting her necklace on every of their victims may be an honorary tribute that is half of a bigger sacrificial ritual. It is form of just like the Could Queen’s getup in Midsommar, a dressing up you historically put on for a ceremony of passage. 

By marking every of their victims with Jackie’s necklace, the Yellowjackets aren’t simply figuring out who they will eat subsequent; they’re additionally concurrently honoring the wilderness for displaying them the way in which.

Whereas loads continues to be unclear on this planet of Yellowjackets, one factor’s for positive: Whoever’s caught carrying Jackie’s necklace subsequent ought to be nervous. 

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