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Screenshot: Decentraland

Taco Bell held a contest in 2022. The winners acquired the chance of a lifetime, the possibility to be the primary couple married at a Taco Bell within the metaverse. No, you didn’t learn any a part of that sentence incorrectly.

What’s even stranger is that they really did it, and I used to be there. In the long run, the nuptials had been greater than a advertising stunt. The Taco Bell marriage ceremony within the metaverse was a superbly surreal illustration of every thing that makes 2023 such a weird time to be alive. And regardless of what all of the Mark Zuckerberg followers will inform you, this post-ironic dog-and-pony present was additionally every thing the metaverse needs to be; an absurdist half-representation of actuality, fueled by company pursuits, that manages to be type of enjoyable with out dwelling as much as any of its guarantees. You’ll be able to examine why I say all that on this deep dive into the Taco Bell Metaverse Wedding ceremony I wrote.

Weird actually was the correct phrase for it. From dancing sizzling sauce packets, to celebrities, to purple elephants, these are the ten strangest issues I noticed on the Taco Bell metaverse marriage ceremony.

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