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Just lately, Reddit person nurseboyfriends requested, “What issues do Individuals do that folks from different international locations discover extraordinarily bizarre or unusual?” and you understand BuzzFeed simply needed to spherical it up.

Issues which can be totally different within the US vs. different international locations is virtually in our DNA at this level.


So with out additional ado, listed below are 36 issues we Individuals do this the remainder of the world apparently finds actually, actually unusual.

1.To start with…”Obligatory tipping tradition.”


2.”Taxes being added on the checkout. I perceive the logic behind why that occurs, however on the similar time it appears to be the type of factor that could possibly be fastened fairly simply if the powers that be wished it to be fastened.”


3.”WHY do you’re taking my bank card at eating places? 😂 Right here in Canada the machine will get delivered to the desk to pay.”


“The US has all the time been behind on bank card stuff. I don’t know why! I first paid on the desk in Paris and first noticed a faucet to pay in Australia. It took like 5-10 years to begin seeing these issues right here. So bizarre.”


4.”A lot ice in water.”


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5.”How patriotic you guys are. After we go watch a soccer match, the gamers signal their anthem and that is it. After I went to this baseball recreation, that they had a particular visitor to sing the nationwide anthem, flags in every single place, jets, kneeling for the military, and so forth.”


6.”Flags on lawns, flags in every single place.”


7.”The Pledge of Allegiance, very first thing within the morning, in class. It weirds me out. I do know it is voluntary in most locations now, I imagine, however the follow has all the time given off tremendous robust indoctrination vibes.”


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8.”Thanking cops and troopers for his or her service.”


“Frankly, it makes me uncomfortable. I’m a veteran. I will not put on a pin or a hat that claims I am a veteran. My spouse is rather more happy with my service than I’m. It was a job. It is achieved now.”


9.”Make their authorities a actuality television present.”


“[American] elections are simply political Tremendous Bowls.”


10.”Donate cash to the political profession of billionaires. pLeaSe dOnAte tO mY reElEctIoN.’ You are value $2.5B and I am attempting to save lots of $0.30 on groceries, donate to it your self, fuckface.”


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11.”The evocation of God in politics all the time appears weird to me, particularly when the separation of church and state is enshrined within the structure. I’ll hear a US politician speaking in regards to the financial system or some such critical factor, after which instantly they’re speaking about what God desires them to do.”


12.”Caring about faculty sports activities. In Europe no one cares about some highschool basket gamers.”


13.Relatedly…”Ridiculously enormous elaborate soccer stadiums for faculties and faculties in areas which can be in any other case clearly economically depressed. I as soon as learn that eight of the ten greatest stadiums on this planet are at US faculties/universities.”


“I used to be a theatre pupil at a college with a giant soccer program, the first theatre constructing was the previous tennis locker rooms. And the varsity had a relatively massive theatre program!”


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14.”As an American who has traveled round Asia, they discover it bizarre that we’re all the time throwing enormous highschool events.”


15.Figuring out with a nationality that is a number of generations again — i.e. “‘I am Irish, and my husband is German!'”


“Or after they outline somebody’s behaviour by their heritage, which is 3/4 occasions eliminated. He is drinks as a result of he is ‘Irish’…or another stereotypical nonsense.”


“I am ‘Italian!’ That is why I am such a loud asshole and over-pronounce meals names like pomodoro and stromboli however I do not know any verbs in Italian.”


16.”You need to file your taxes. To try this it is advisable to use a personal service that prices some huge cash. ‘Have the IRS make a free, straightforward to make use of service accessible for most of the people?’ ‘What are we, commies!?’ In Denmark, the tax authority calculates most of it, and also you solely need to go test that all the things is appropriate. I spend possibly two hours in a yr on taxes. Additionally, the US is — so far as I do know — the one nation on this planet that expects its residents overseas to file and pay taxes.”


17.”Commercials for pharmaceutical medication.”


“It’s bizarre. These companies are so determined for cash they’re prepared to promote any meds even when folks don’t really need them. Depart that shit to docs.”


18.Relatedly….”Industrial for a minor medical situation like Athlete’s Foot.”

“Voiceover: Uncomfortable side effects could embody:

Persistent nob rot


Anal most cancers

Testicular most cancers

Testicular warts

Pancreatic most cancers

Coronary heart palpitations

Athlete’s foot

Full collapse of the Central Nervous System

Fast weight acquire


Psychotic episodes

Hair loss

Fast anal hair acquire

Your nob will most likely fall off

Nobody will such as you

Explosive diarrhea in public areas

Prompt demise

Lack of ability to go to the opposite facet after demise, so chances are you’ll be doomed to roam the Earth as a misplaced soul for infinity.

Speak to your loved ones Physician about Footoxicil at this time!”


19.”Massive gaps above, under, and between the toilet stalls.”


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20.”From what I’ve heard from people from out of nation…small discuss. Apparently it is not likely regular elsewhere for strangers to simply say hello to one another or have interaction in small discuss whereas doing issues like standing in line, after unintentionally bumping into one another on the retailer, noticing that somebody is taken with the identical factor you’re, issues like that. Apparently lots of people examine Individuals to golden retrievers and say they’re ‘ridiculously pleasant’ as a result of Individuals will simply…discuss to anybody, with none formal introduction.”


“I noticed this wasn’t a worldwide factor once I was in Japan and I’d begin conversations with fellow visiting Individuals. My Japanese pal was very shocked that I’d do this. Then there’s those which have been there some time and actively keep away from you as a result of they know what you’re gonna do, lol.”


21.Though alternatively…”My neighbor is Russian and he or she advised me she was unhappy that we don’t ask folks over to have tea and discuss. She requested me over sooner or later and it was very nice.”


22.”I’m American and labored carefully with people from England for some time. The most important distinction was they thought Individuals means overshare. After we have been discussing self-image as soon as, one other American talked about she’d had an ED [eating disorder] when she was youthful (that was it, no different particulars). I assumed nothing of it. When she wasn’t round, they advised me how uncomfortable it made them they usually have been shocked at how private that was. I used to be floored. They need to hear my pal teams speak about gynecologist visits, lol.”



23.”Forcing you to make use of trip days if you’re sick. Some international locations make employers change paid trip days to paid sick days if you’re sick on trip.”


24.”[Being] very nervous and unwilling to go to the hospital.”


From an American: “As a result of once we go to the ER we wait 4 hours to be seen…for somebody to deal with us like drug-seekers…after which get charged hundreds of {dollars} for it.”


25.Relatedly, “Go bankrupt paying medical payments” and “Tying healthcare to employment,” and “Gofundmes for fundamental well being care prices.”

—u/fairygodmotherfckr, u/Grummm_Didley, and u/feetofire

26.”Leaving new child infants in daycare all day to return to working full time a number of weeks after giving beginning,” and “Unpaid maternity depart.”

—u/ohdearitsrichardiii and u/mergelefthere

From an American: “Working in retail a number of years in the past, I had a coworker who couldn’t afford to attend even a single week after giving beginning to return to work. She had a medical emergency on her first day again, left in an ambulance, and we didn’t see her once more.”




“This nation usually is simply too fucking obsessed about what is going on between folks’s legs.”


28.”Espresso drinks massive sufficient to caffeinate a herd of elephants. With sufficient sugar to set off a diabetic coma, all on the way in which to work.” And likewise simply “American portion sizes” usually.

—u/Unimaginable-Cattle504 and u/naidhinn


29.”Getting served plastic plates in a cafeteria. … I’ve by no means seen anyplace serve one use plastic dishes in Germany. After we defined that we use dishwashers to wash the used dishes in cafeterias the clerk was like ‘huh, that does not sound like a foul thought.’ Generally the quantity of plastics used within the USA is simply so wild to me.”


30.”Changing into a pilot and shopping for a aircraft. Quick access to private aviation — there actually is not any different nation just like the US on the subject of that. Whereas it isn’t low-cost, it is cheaper than anyplace else on this planet, and the federal government does not gatekeep it into the bottom.”


31.”Consuming in our vehicles. Driving or simply sitting within the automobile consuming. A number of European guests have commented on this, so it have to be very unusual to them.”


TV Land

32.”Sporting their sneakers inside the home. Even on their sofa and mattress. Completely disgusting.”


33.”Answering a metropolis/state/two-letter code as if everybody is aware of the place it’s when somebody asks ‘the place are you from’ in a global setting.”


34.”Why do your kitchen sinks have that terrifying swirling factor that eats fingers?”


“As a Brit, I had nightmares about this from that episode of The Simpsons. I grew out of it by telling myself ‘not less than they do not actually exist.’ Oh expensive.”


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35.”MM-DD-YY. It is the least helpful date format ever.”


36.And at last…”Toes, kilos, Fahrenheit, and so forth…wtf, mate?!”


What do you discover unusual about America? Tell us within the feedback!

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