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Because the third movie within the Scream requel collection, Scream 7 will seemingly take inspiration from Scream 3 for its subsequent installment. The unique Scream movies premiered from 1996 by way of 2000 as a trilogy franchise earlier than a fourth movie premiered in 2011. In 2022, Scream 5 premiered, not as one other sequel, however as a requel. Whereas it was nonetheless part of the franchise and noticed the return of Sidney Prescott, Gale Weathers, and Dewey Riley, it launched a brand new era of Ghostface killers and victims, with Sam Carpenter as the brand new last lady. The movie borrowed many components from the unique Scream.

Scream 5 returned to Woodsboro once more and even featured many scenes in Stu Macher’s previous home. One of many Ghostface killers was Sam’s boyfriend, Richie Kirsch, which mirrored the primary Scream when the primary Ghostface was Sidney’s boyfriend, Billy Loomis, who’s additionally Sam’s illegitimate father. Scream 6 adopted Scream 2 by bringing the primary characters to school and having the Ghostface be Richie’s father and siblings, identical to Scream 2’s Ghostface was Billy’s mom. Because the third requel, there are various issues from Scream 3 that Scream 7 can mirror whereas maintaining the movie authentic.



6 Set Its Location In Hollywood

Scream 3 returned to its California setting, however as an alternative of returning to Woodsboro, Scream 3 hit Tinseltown, the place Stab 3 was filming on a set model of Stu’s home. Later scenes, together with many of the killings, occurred in director Roman Bridger’s home. Scream 7 may see the franchise return to Hollywood. Scream 5 talked about the Stab movies, with one of many Ghostface killers Amber Freeman, utilizing her hatred of the Stab sequels as a motive to create her requel and use Sam’s homicide for the movie.

Nonetheless, the Stab films weren’t an enormous a part of Scream 6. If Scream 7 takes place in Hollywood. The Stab films may develop into an enormous a part of the franchise once more, they usually may even make one primarily based on the Scream 5 and Scream 6 occasions, now following Sam and her sister Tara as an alternative of Sidney.

5 Have Ghostface Be A Relative Of Sam & Tara

In Scream 3, Roman was Ghostface and revealed he was Sidney’s illegitimate brother, and he was out to get her as a result of their mom did not need to be part of his life. For the reason that Ghostface killers within the first two requel movies have mirrored the killers from the unique two movies, it will make sense for Scream 7 to do the identical.

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Since Sam is Billy’s daughter and her issue understanding whether or not she’s good or dangerous is a big plot level within the requel collection, this might play into the Scream 7 Ghostface reveal. It is evident that Billy is useless, however Sam’s mom could possibly be an choice or a unique relative related to her father.

4 Have A Useless Character Seem By way of Video

Randy was notorious in Scream for filling in his mates in regards to the horror film guidelines. The principles modified for the sequel and bought much more brutal for the third and last movie within the trilogy. Sadly, Randy was killed in Scream 2, which means he needed to give his mates the foundations for the third movie by way of video. Randy instructed his mates he anticipated to die, so he recorded a video forward of time in case he did not make it to the potential third Ghostface killing spree.

Scream 7 may do one thing related by having a personality who has already died come again by way of video to supply Sam and her mates assist for surviving Ghostface. It might be an incredible Easter Egg and will embody a personality like Dewey, who followers miss however would moderately the franchise not carry again to life as a result of it will create too many plot holes.

3 Have Ghostface’s Motive Related To Sam’s Previous

When Roman was revealed as Ghostface in Scream 3, his motive lay in Sidney’s previous. Moreover being her illegitimate brother and after her due to how their mom handled him, he additionally revealed he was the mastermind behind the opposite two Ghostface killings. This was a reasonably controversial alternative because it created many plot holes and discredited the 2 different movies and the motives of their Ghostface killers.

Nonetheless, Scream 7 may make extra accountable and logical choices when connecting Ghostface to Sam’s previous. Each Scream 5 and Scream 6 have targeted on Sam’s connection to her father, Billy, however Scream 7 may discover different points of her previous that have not been showcased but. Followers have been questioning about Sam and Tara’s mom, and Scream 7 could be the proper time to dive into that dynamic and probably join Ghostface to it.

Scream 3 is by far essentially the most meta of the Scream movies. Its Hollywood setting allowed it to mock the best way the movie business works, and the movie inside a movie plot did the identical. Nothing’s extra meta than Sidney operating by way of a set model of Stu Macher’s home being chased by Ghostface whereas an actor taking part in Sidney starred in a film about her being chased by Ghostface.

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As soon as Ghostface began killing off the actors to get to the actual Sidney, Scream 3 reached peak meta. If Scream 7 needs to maintain up, it must be as meta because the third movie was. Whereas it should not have the identical plot of Sam and her mates operating across the Stab film set, it may compete in different methods. A scene the place Sam and her mates watch a brand new Stab film the place actors are taking part in them could be begin.

1 Have A Recognized Character Die In The Opening

Scream’s opening scenes are arguably essentially the most iconic elements of the movie. In Scream 3, filmmakers took a unique course with their opening scene, killing off the character Cotton Weary. The character appeared in Scream 2 and was talked about within the first Scream as the person accused of murdering Sidney’s mom. Usually, the Scream opening scene has Ghostface kill off an unknown character who will not be essential to the remainder of the movie.

Scream 7 can join itself to the third movie by killing off a personality who followers are already acquainted with. It should not be anybody too essential, however somebody followers acknowledge, as essentially the most heartbreaking deaths ought to be left for later within the movie. An excellent choice could be considered one of Tara’s mates who appeared briefly in the beginning of Scream 6. Their demise would not be devastating, however followers would nonetheless acknowledge them, and it will join the brand new Ghostface to Sam and Tara.

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