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That is the instant aftermath of Return of the Jedi: the second Demise Star has been destroyed over Endor, Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader are lifeless. Now what? An entire bunch of books and comics, principally.

The Insurgent Alliance rapidly strikes to capitalize on its victory by formally dissolving shortly after the Battle of Endor and reforming because the New Republic, bringing a legitimacy to its declare to steer the galaxy within the wake of the Empire’s chaotic fragmentation with out management. The heroes of the unique trilogy of films additionally disperse their separate methods: Luke begins looking for Jedi and Sith artefacts hoarded by Palpatine over his life, searching for a greater understanding of the Pressure and his place in it, whereas Han and Leia, married on Endor after the battle, discover themselves tasked by Mon Mothma with an interplanetary Disney World trip aboard the Halcyon in the course of the occasions of Beth Revis’ novel The Princess and The Scoundrel, travelling to completely different worlds the place Imperial affect remains to be tenuous to persuade people who the times of the Empire are really over.

However simply because the Rebels defeated Palpatine at Endor doesn’t imply the Galactic Civil Conflict is definitely over. Throughout the Aftermath trilogy of novels by Chuck Wendig, we see Mon Mothma, now instated as the primary Chancellor of the New Republic—and the Senate is reformed on her homeworld of Chandrila—start to enact a demilitarization pact that largely intends to interrupt up the Alliance Navy right into a a lot smaller New Republic Fleet, transitioning army issues to the planetary defence forces of Republic member worlds. In the meantime the remnants of the Empire start to launch counterattacks within the type of Operation Cinder, a posthumous plan created by Palpatine to sow chaos via strikes on choose worlds both sympathetic to the Riot or problematic loyalist Imperial worlds via climate manipulation satellites.

As Warlordism sees a number of former Grand Moffs or main Imperial generals set up their very own small fiefdoms, a bigger Imperial Remnant begins to kind out of a collective of short-lived councils of Imperial allies—first with the Imperial Future Council, which is basically eradicated in the course of the liberation of the planet Akiva, after which the primary Imperial Shadow Council…

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