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Creativity: 5/5. May be the very best top-down virtually oner in movie historical past.

Readability: 3/5. Motion occurs in a short time, which is thrilling, it is however overpacked.

Energy: 4/5. A few of the movie’s finest hand-to-hand fight happens amidst the gun-fu.

Fluidity: 5/5.

Technically, this is not a one-on-one battle with John Wick. Nonetheless, I can not not embody this epic struggle on this checklist; Stahelski mainly transforms the constructing into a personality itself. Whereas top-down pictures aren’t new to motion movies, I’ve but to see one other one which spirals out into virtually a one-take scene, or “oner,” that incorporates a continuous cavalcade of fights. As Stahelski advised /Movie, there are three digital stitches right here. Nonetheless, the enhancing is so tight that, except for the cutaway, you may consider that these are two oners knitted collectively. Of every part within the “John Wick” movies, this sequence in “Chapter 4” feels essentially the most like a loving callback to “The Raid: Redemption,” with explosive moments that cascade into a number of one-on-one battles, together with one with Chidi. All that, and a shotgun-turned-quasi-flamethrower!

Nonetheless, the way in which the motion is shot does have a disadvantage. Sure, it appears to be like cool as hell, however there’s a lot occurring that the readability suffers. Moreover, not like related scenes in Gareth Evans’ movie, Stahelski’s approach limits the quantity of intimate fight you possibly can truly see, notably in relation to counterattacks. In relation to each combating types and character growth, how somebody averts a punch is simply as important as which locks they use.

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