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The story of Clark Kent in all of his quite a few incarnations has become a timeless staple of the comedian e book world and the superhero style as a complete. Regardless of the period, there’ll all the time be a Man of Metal within the DC universe, and although many would agree that Superman is among the biggest fictional characters of all time, there was sure criticism leveled at his standing as an invincible immortal.

In case your character is an omnipotent god that places him above any villain you possibly can throw his method, does that go away something in any respect compelling about him? Vulnerability within the face of conflicts is, in any case, the one greatest narrative device to problem protagonists and assist them develop within the face of adversity. However since Superman has just one weak spot and is in any other case invincible, people have all the time questioned if that makes his tales boring, versus, say, Batman – who’s a standard human being restricted by his personal bodily restraints.

Effectively, a lot of the Man of Metal’s diehard stans would disagree with that evaluation. If something, quite a lot of gifted writers have confirmed over time that you just don’t want Superman to be susceptible to make him an attention-grabbing character. Grant Morrison’s All-Star Superman is the proper instance of this, a narrative that not solely refused to nerf the character’s powers, however really elevated them in an effort to point out that it’s not his godly powers standing in the way in which of a compelling story.

DC has additionally had it with criticism that “Superman is boring,” in order that they’re addressing this case as soon as and for all with a meme on their social media web page.

Moreover, if all else fails, simply do not forget that Superman actually has laser eyes, and it doesn’t get any cooler than that.

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