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The Loki villain in season 1 was He Who Stays, a variant of Kang the Conqueror. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is increasing at an unprecedented fee, with Loki formally introducing Marvel’s Multiverse. The timeline naturally skews in the direction of chaos; any second has the potential to function a so-called “Nexus Occasion,” creating a brand new department within the timeline. Branches will be created by one thing as spectacular as beginning a struggle, or one thing as mundane as being late for work. Sadly, completely different branches of the Multiverse turned conscious of each other – and the consequence was all-out struggle. The final time it occurred, it got here near destroying all time and area.

One determine emerged victorious – the shadowy founding father of the Time Variance Authority, who set about guaranteeing no threats might ever emerge to destroy the sacred timeline. Content material to function on the Finish of Time, this was “He Who Stays,” and he charged the TVA to police the timeline and destroy branches as swiftly as they had been created. These answerable for the branched realities go on trial for crimes towards the “Sacred Timeline,” banished to a void the place they’re consumed by Alioth. However who’s He Who Stays – and the way does he determine in the way forward for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, given he was killed by Sylvie?

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Who Is He Who Stays – Comics Origin Defined

Within the comics, He Who Stays is a really completely different determine. The final of his race, he understood the universe to exist in a cycle of demise and rebirth; he first appeared because the creator of a gaggle generally known as the Time-Twisters, who he meant to convey the data of 1 universe into the subsequent, however who proved to be a terrifying pressure of destruction. He Who Stays subsequently turned the founding father of the Time Variance Authority, utilizing them to attempt to police the timeline – with blended success.

The MCU’s model of He Who Stays bears some similarities to the comedian guide model, in that he resides at a Citadel on the Finish of Time, however he is been mixed with a completely completely different character. Performed by Jonathan Majors, the MCU’s He Who Stays is definitely a variant of the Multiversal villain Kang the Conqueror. In keeping with He Who Stays, in most timelines, it was variants of Kang who found the existence of the Multiverse someday within the thirty second century, they usually initially traded data peacefully. Sadly, not all variants of Kang had been peaceable, and Multiversal struggle was the consequence.

He Who Stays was Kang triumphant as a result of he had found Alioth, a creature he might use to eat his counterparts and all their timelines; this suits properly with the comics, the place Alioth is a creature who feeds on the temporal vitality of dwelling beings and has certainly consumed whole Parliaments of Kangs. Victorious over all his enemies, He Who Stays established the TVA – ostensibly to forestall one other Multiversal struggle, however seemingly additionally to protect his personal energy base. Now, having lived for thousands and thousands of years, he has grown drained and needs to retire. Thus he has orchestrated occasions to convey Loki and Sylvie into his presence to switch him.

Kang The Conqueror Origin & Powers Defined

Loki’s villain Kang is often portrayed as a warlord who was born within the thirtieth century of a timeline the place Earth by no means entered the Darkish Ages. His story is a complicated one as a result of Kang has taken to touring all through his personal lifetime to rewrite his private historical past. As a result of his previous and future impede upon each other, he is basically a dwelling paradox, a temporal occasion of creation and destruction. Kang’s timeline has splintered on many events, and variants of Kang have adopted numerous completely different identities. One served as Iron Lad, founding father of the Younger Avengers, whereas others equivalent to Immortus and the Scarlet Centurion have plagued the Avengers as enemies.

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Paradoxically, whereas Kang insists he’s a conqueror, he has no actual free will – for he has written his personal previous, trapping himself and eradicating freedom of alternative. The middle of Kang’s rule lies within the metropolis of Chronopolis, which sits in a realm exterior time known as Limbo. Every block of Chronopolis extends to the ends of the Earth in a special time interval, with extra primitive durations on the outskirts, and extra superior ones in the direction of the middle. It’s dominated by Kang’s Citadel, and it is potential to get misplaced in Chronopolis endlessly until you discover the hidden portals connecting the completely different blocks.

A scientific genius, Kang mastered feats of time journey that few others have imagined. His grasp of sensible and theoretical science exceeds any superhero scientist within the comics. As a result of Kang travels the timeline with impunity, he has entry to virtually each weapon ever created. He is recognized for deploying weapons equivalent to neutrino rays and “vibration ray” projectors, and he even possesses uncommon artifacts such because the Cosmic Dice – permitting him to rewrite actuality. Kang wears battle armor past something Iron Man might ever create, designed to summon his arsenal of weapons with a snap of his fingers.

Kang Appeared In Ant-Man & The Wasp: Quantumania

Surprisingly, the primary place that He Who Stays confirmed up within the MCU films was in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. This movie noticed Jonathan Majors return because the character, this time utilizing his correct title of Kang, which he by no means used because the Loki villain. After all, the Loki villain is lifeless and Ant-Man 3 ensured that reality remained in place within the post-credit scenes. Nonetheless, this model of Kang was attempting to do what He Who Stays tried to do – and that was stopping the multiversal struggle that might destroy all timelines.

As a substitute, he was banished to the Quantum Realm by the Council of Kangs and remained there looking for a means out. Not like He Who Stays, who was content material to destroy timelines in a snap after they went off the chosen path, this Kang was a conqueror, and he destroyed whole civilizations within the Quantum Realm. Nonetheless, he too is now seemingly lifeless, and this opens the door for the opposite Kangs within the timestream to lastly begin their plans of domination as soon as once more, in what is going to final for the brand new few years within the MCU.

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The place Kang Will Seem In The MCU Subsequent

It’s most certainly that the subsequent time Kang exhibits up within the MCU, it will likely be in Loki season 2. The subsequent Loki villain was hinted at within the Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania post-credits when Loki and Mobius discover a Kang variant working at an old style stage present. Nonetheless, there’s a likelihood he might present up in any variety of locations, in any variety of types. Immortus and Rama Tut confirmed up within the post-credits of Ant-Man 3, however there may be additionally Iron Lad, who wished to cease his evil self. This opens up limitless prospects exterior of Loki and the Avengers films within the subsequent part.

Loki Units Up A number of Villain Variants

Loki and Anr-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania would not simply arrange the introduction of 1 Kang. It exhibits there are a number of variants rising from the Multiverse, waging struggle towards each other, and teaming with each other. Variants of Kang may very well be as wide-ranging because the variant variations of Loki which have already been seen. Jonathan Majors can play Kang, Immortus, the Scarlet Centurion, and the Warlord, completely different variants whose backstories and motives differ. A Kang variant can be clearly in charge of the TVA nonetheless, as a serious Loki villain.

Along with Majors, although, Marvel might additionally rent different actors to play extra radically divergent variations – simply as they forged Richard E. Grant as an older Loki, Sophia Di Martino as Sylvie, and launched an Alligator Loki as well. The potential right here is limitless – and it is not essentially the case all variants need to be villains, both. The Multiversal side of the MCU’s Kang means they will forged Iron Lad as a member of the Younger Avengers, connecting him again to Cassie Lang. The MCU’s Disney+ TV exhibits have been establishing numerous Younger Avengers, and it will make sense for Marvel to pursue that path after Loki.

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