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Fast Hyperlinks How To Begin The Threads of a Curse Quest How To Get Captain Sech Zapor’s Armor Set

When taking part in as a Sourcerer in Divinity: Unique Sin II, gamers will finally have to finish a quest referred to as Threads of a Curse. The search is on the market for gamers to finish in Fort Pleasure, which rewards a strong armor set that gamers can use for the primary story.

The search will likely be obtainable about midway by the primary Act, which suggests gamers needs to be Stage 4 earlier than commencing the facet quest. Whereas it is without doubt one of the extra tedious quests within the first Act, gamers are rewarded with an entire set of Captain Sech Zapor’s armor. This armor is taken into account the most effective armor units in Divinity Unique Sin 2, making the hunt worthwhile to finish.


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How To Begin The Threads of a Curse Quest

The Threads of a Curse quest in Divinity: Unique Sin II will likely be obtainable to gamers as soon as they escape from Fort Pleasure. Gamers might want to head to a selected seaside close to the fort’s sewer exit. Nevertheless, earlier than beginning the hunt, be sure that to ship the Sourcerer into Braccus Rex’s Vault to retrace the soul jar. This soul jar belongs to Captain Sech Zapor, which is able to allow gamers to find a be aware that may make them his secret cave.

Gamers will discover a skeletal arm at a shipwreck round X: 363, Y: 79 that may start this quest.

After discovering the skeletal arm within the sand, the Sourcerer must go a persuasion check-in, both energy or finesse. If handed, this examine will enable the Sourcerer to tug the arm free from the sand. As soon as freed, the arm will wriggle about earlier than pointing deeper into the Hole Marshes.

Ensure to seize the hand earlier than heading within the route it factors.

Because the Sourcerer travels, throw the arm down periodically to make sure they’re on target. Ultimately, it will lead the Sourcerer to some extent on Divinity: Unique Sin II’s map round X:532, and Y:20. That is one other shoreline space with a number of extra crashed ships. Within the middle is a cursed chest. If one of many Sourcerers casts Bless on the chest, it can take away the curse and permit them to entry the chest.

How To Get Captain Sech Zapor’s Armor Set

Captain Sech will reveal himself and threaten the character making an attempt to open the chest. It will require the primary character to go one other plus two persuasion checks or take care of 5 enemies summoned by the Captain. If the Sourcerer passes the examine, they’ll commerce the soul jar for his coat. If not, they’ll take it from his physique alongside the remainder of the Captain’s armor set in Divinity: Unique Sin II.

If the Sourcerer introduced the soul jar, contained in the chest would be the Captain’s Log with a code for the door of a cave at X:600, Y:195, northeast of the seaside the place the winter dragon is chained. If not, there is no such thing as a have to reload. Take Beast alongside within the occasion, and he’ll get a particular dialogue to yell on the door till it opens. Within the cave, the Sourcerer can achieve the final two items of the armor set.

The Sourcerer must go one other persuasion examine earlier than receiving the Captain’s Jaunty Hat and Captain’s Dextrous Heels. Now armed with the complete set, the wearer will achieve the Comeback Child trait and the flexibility to Appeal in fight.

If the Sourcerer has failed any persuasion checks, they’ll nonetheless achieve all of the armor by digging up a buried chest at X:605 and Y: 235.

It will trigger the Captain and his crew, if they’re nonetheless alive, to indicate up and assault the participant. After the struggle, the Sourcerer can take no matter items they’re lacking from the armor set and respec the character in Divinity: Unique Sin II with the brand new loot.

Divinity: Unique Sin II

Platform: Nintendo Swap, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC

Launched: 2017-09-14

Developer: Larian Studios

Writer: Larian Studios

Style: Motion


How Lengthy To Beat: 59 Hours

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