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Josuke’s victory over Karaiya in Loopy Diamond’s Demonic Heartbreak is among the most absurd and violent takedowns within the Jojo’s Weird Journey collection. Karaiya is lifted into the air like a scorching air balloon because of the warmth from a welding torch, whereas being burned by the torch’s flame your entire time. This victory showcases the potential brutal penalties for anybody who tries to hurt Josuke or his household, as seen in his earlier victories over main criminals.

The Jojo’s Weird Journey collection has seen some fully brutal takedowns of opponents in its long term, together with by Josuke himself. However on the subject of probably the most unforgettable, considered one of Josuke’s victories is concurrently one of the crucial absurd, and one of the crucial violent so far.

The spinoff collection Loopy Diamond’s Demonic Heartbreak sees Josuke confront the mastermind behind the Stand-wielding parrot Petsounds, Karaiya. After unloading a barrage of “ORA” on him, Karaiya managed to get tangled within the hose of a welding torch, sending him falling off a constructing right into a tarp. But it surely would not cease there.

The tarp rapidly opens like a parachute, slowing his descent. However the warmth from the activated welding torch additionally causes the tarped villain to realize raise like a scorching air balloon. Thus, Karaiya was saved aloft indefinitely, unable to free himself with out falling, whereas being burned by the torch your entire time he was within the air–right to the face.

Josuke vs Karaiya is The Most Absurd Victory But

Josuke has had some fairly brutal victories earlier than, however by no means “burn a person’s face off” brutal. Since Loopy Diamond’s Demonic Heartbreak is ready earlier than half 4, it implies that this takedown of Karaiya, a corrupt police officer, was most likely considered one of his first. Maybe that should not come as a shock, as a result of his first win in Diamond is Unbreakable includes turning a significant prison with a Stand, Angelo, right into a stone for the remainder of the collection. Angelo killed Josuke’s grandfather and tried to assault Josuke’s mom, whereas Karaiya right here practically killed Josuke himself, so it looks like attacking Josuke or his household actually runs the chance of some hefty punishment.

Throughout the larger Jojo’s Weird Journey franchise, probably the most brutal victory probably belongs to Joseph, after launching Kars into area and leaving him to drift within the limitless void for all eternity. Whereas he may not have gone fairly that excessive, it is becoming that Karaiya can be defeated in an identical type of method, since Karaiya equally considered himself as higher than humanity (and hoped to change into one of many vampires, which Kars created).

Whereas this Jojo’s Weird Journey spinoff might have defeated its primary villain in humiliating style, Loopy Diamond’s Demonic Heartbreak is not a one-note journey. After seeing what Josuke did to his first opponent, each villain would do nicely to stay away from Josuke and his household.

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