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Frequent urination at night time, medically termed nocturia or nocturnal polyuria, is a situation the place you get up greater than as soon as throughout the night time to urinate. Whereas the situation is extra widespread amongst seniors, it may possibly happen to anybody at any age.

Most individuals don’t get up at night time to urinate and sleep for 6-8 hours, however some individuals might have to pee extra usually throughout the night time time. Whereas it might be irritating, the excellent news is that sure remedies and way of life adjustments might help you do away with the issue.

What number of occasions is regular to urinate at night time?

When you get up to pee 2 to three occasions an evening or much more, then it’s not regular. (Picture through Pexels/Miriam Alonso)

When you get up to pee 2-3 occasions an evening or much more, it’s not regular.

It is necessary that you just see a health care provider instantly, as there may be underlying issues. If left untreated, the situation can exacerbate and trigger critical well being points sooner or later.

Frequent urination at night time: What are the most important causes?

Frequent urination can occur because of underlying well being situations, sure drugs or way of life selections.

Medical situations

A number of medical issues can result in frequent urination at night time. Whereas the widespread ones embody a bladder an infection or a urinary tract an infection, different medical situations like bladder prolapse, enlargement of prostate, overactive bladder, kidney an infection, obstructive sleep apnea, a number of sclerosis and diabetes are additionally some widespread causes why you are peeing so much at night time.

It is necessary to notice that an overactive bladder at night time can be widespread in individuals with organ failure.


Sure drugs like diuretics may trigger frequent urination at night time as a facet impact. Docs usually prescribe these drugs for hypertension, fluid retention, or coronary heart failure.

When you take diuretics and incessantly get up to pee, you need to search medical care instantly.

Way of life selections
Consuming alcohol earlier than mattress can result in overactive bladder at night time. (Picture through Pexels/Charlotte Might)

Way of life habits like consuming caffeinated drinks and alcohol may result in nighttime waking and frequent urination at night time. These are diuretics that trigger the physique to supply extra urine.

What causes frequent urination in females at night time?

In females, notably, frequent urination at night time is a typical symptom of being pregnant.

It could possibly occur throughout the preliminary days of being pregnant and may enhance later when the fetus grows and causes the womb to press in opposition to the bladder.

Nocturia in females may occur as a consequence of sure drugs and way of life selections as mentioned above.

How one can cease frequent urination at night time?

Therapy for frequent urination at night time can embody sure drugs, together with diuretics, anticholinergics and desmopressin.

Whereas diuretic drugs like lasix and bumex might help in controlling how a lot urine you produce, anticholinergics like mirabegron and detrol can scale back signs of overactive bladder. Desmopressin, in the meantime, can help the kidneys in producing much less pee.

Nevertheless, earlier than taking any remedy, you need to at all times seek the advice of your physician about what choices will work finest for you. That is particularly necessary should you’re already on any type of remedy.

Aside from drugs, treating underlying causes may assist handle frequent urination at night time. For instance, if in case you have UTI, you could want drugs to deal with that situation. When you’re pregnant, although, you could have to keep away from drugs and search for some residence treatments as instructed by your physician.

Preventive ideas

Whereas drugs and all might help handle your situation, there are preventive steps you possibly can take to scale back its influence in your each day life. These embody:

lowering quantity of water or different liquids you drink earlier than going to bedavoiding caffeine and alcohol earlier than bedavoiding some bladder irritant meals, like acidic meals, chocolate, synthetic sweeteners and spicy foodspracticing kegel workout routines to enhance bladder management and strengthen pelvic muscular tissues

Keep away from caffeine earlier than mattress. (Picture through Pexels/Engin Akyurt)

It is necessary that you just take note of what triggers frequent urination at night time and exacerbate your signs. Understanding that may assist you handle your habits and actions accordingly.

Keep in mind that nocturia is a treatable situation, so speak to your physician if you end up waking up 2-3 occasions or extra at night time to pee. Your physician may run some checks to find out the underlying trigger.

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