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Cage had repeatedly gone on document, describing his appearing fashion as “nouveau shamanism.” In interviews, Cage has stated that he derived his fashion — or a minimum of thought to outline it — after what he learn in a pair of books written by psychologist Brian Bates. In “The Approach of Wyrd,” a medieval monk treks outdoors of the cities to transform the “heathens,” solely to be taught their shamanistic methods. Bates’ 1988 e-book, “The Approach of the Actor,” posited that actors have been trendy shamans, as they convey a recent model of “intuitive knowledge,” channeling fictional beings by means of themselves. 

That is all, by Cage’s personal admission, a bit highfalutin, however “nouveau shamanism” is a cool-sounding time period that he prefers. It is also, one would possibly instantly see, fairly removed from Stanislavski’s precise Methodology, in addition to the frequent false impression of the Methodology. 

Beforehand, in reference to Cage enjoying Dracula, Chris McKay was quoted as saying:

“No matter scene we did he would nonetheless be 100% dwelling in that angle after we stopped taking pictures. […] So if he is a bit frosty within the scene he will have a bit little bit of that between takes. However nonetheless up for no matter we have been doing.”

Cage, nonetheless, chimed in to rebut throughout a pink carpet interview earlier than “Renfield,” saying: 

“I simply haven’t got that recollection, I do not know why Chris stated that. […] I had lots of laughs in between takes with each Chris McKay and Nick Hoult, so perhaps that was his expertise, perhaps as a result of I nonetheless had the fangs in my mouth that made me communicate a sure approach, however that wasn’t my expertise.”

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