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Persona 5 Tactica pleasantly shocked me.

I’ve been anxious for tactical RPG all yr. Fireplace Emblem Interact didn’t reside as much as its title, winding up as a shallower Three Homes. (Sure, good friend, Interact did certainly come out this yr.) And the Advance Wars reboots bored me to tears. Whereas I wasn’t precisely seeking to Persona 5 Tactica to fill the outlet Marvel’s Midnight Suns left behind — please go play that recreation, simply…please! — however, the primary handful of hours with the sport have been a delight.

Persona 5 Tactica is a techniques RPG that builds upon your love of Persona 5 and its Phantom Thieves. For those who’ve performed Persona 5 / Royal / Strikers, you already know most what you’re in retailer for: personas, fusing personas, espresso, curry, a gaggle of pretty characters, and a bitchin’ soundtrack. What’s new is the setting and the fight. As an alternative of the turn-based RPG battles of vanilla Persona 5, or the hack n’ slash 1 vs 100 preventing in Strikers, Tactica takes a strategic strategy with a aptitude and taste P5 followers will probably be aware of.

Fight in Tactica takes place on a map damaged down into tiles similar as every other tactical RPG. Your models have a set variety of tiles they’ll transfer and so they can reap the benefits of a map’s explicit structure to take cowl behind limitations or blow up explosive barrels and any enemies that could be close by them. Every unit is supplied with a gun that may knock down enemies — incomes them a “yet one more” or second assault section — and a melee weapon that may knock enemies out of canopy. Summon monsters known as Personas are again armed with skills that both assist your allies or inflict standing debuffs in your enemies.

I believe what I didn’t get pleasure from about Advance Wars or Fireplace Emblem Interact had been each video games’ relative mindlessness when it got here to fight. They each operated on a kind of “rock, paper, scissors” mannequin that made preventing trivial. Tactica, with its wealth of Persona 5-specific mechanics tailored to the technique RPG mannequin— the “yet one more” assaults, Persona standing illnesses, triple-threat assaults, and extra — options fights that require a bit extra mind matter to get via. The sport’s quest characteristic is at the moment my favourite side of the sport due to this. As an alternative of story-progressing missions, quests are brief fight situations that require you to defeat all enemies with a selected staff composition, map structure, and switch restrict.

In my first quest, I needed to struggle two teams of high-health enemies surrounded by impassable limitations in solely two turns. Whereas the duty appeared simple initially, after just a few failures, I needed to dig deeper into my Persona 5-enjoyer information base (and the sport’s tutorial menu) to determine the most effective plan of action. I needed to assume additional fastidiously about ally placement and persona skill utilization as a way to create the circumstances essential to win inside the strict time restrict. I like that sort of online game drawback fixing. That sort of “good mind scratch” feeling is why I loved Veiwfinder and Cocoon a lot, and there are parts of that within the bits of Tactica I’ve performed up to now.

In Tactica, the Phantom Thieves have been transported to a brand new cognitive world through which they have to struggle a tyrannical, oppressive bridezilla with the assistance of a insurgent military of freedom fighters heavy on the revolutionary France vibes. The sport’s chibi artwork type and wacky villain design coupled with the themes of revolution and the violent wrestle in opposition to oppression (themes which are prescient AF proper now) make for an enticing setting. At one level, Erina — the latest addition to the Phantom Thieves — has a spear that transforms right into a banner studying, “Si vis pacem, te ipsum vince” which roughly interprets to, “If you would like peace, overcome your self.” Oh yeah, this recreation could be very a lot my shit.

“Whenever you refuse to face as much as injustice, you change into complicit,” is a hot-fire BAR in 2023. Picture: Atlus

I loved simply how a lot Tactica leans on the narratives that got here earlier than it reasonably than doing what different spinoffs are likely to do and deal with its originating property prefer it by no means occurred. I anticipated a small chunk of the sport’s story dedicated to explaining to the brand new characters what a Phantom Thief is and was happy to see a brand new character already in control.

I additionally appreciated how the Phantom Thieves themselves acknowledged the passage of time and the circumstances of every character. Makoto, one of many thieves, will probably be graduating quickly, whereas Joker must return residence. Futaba, although rehabilitated from being a shut-in, nonetheless will get awkward round new individuals. Tactica, like Strikers earlier than it, has allowed these characters to develop as a substitute of stay in suspended spinoff animation.

I must be irritated with Atlus and its steadfast refusal to trace at something vaguely Persona 6-shaped in favor of remakes, re-releases, and style reboots of Persona 5. But when it retains creating high quality not-quite-sequels like Persona 5 Tactica, I could be content material to attend some time longer.

Persona 5 Tactica is out now on consoles, PC, and Xbox Sport Cross.

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