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Whereas Riker, Worf, and Raffi are sneaking across the institute, they creep previous any variety of Easter eggs and references, passing lockers containing, say, the stays of Capt. Kirk, salvaged from the Veridian system. Worf finds a locker with a tribble in it, regardless of a narrative he advised on “Deep House 9” the place the Klingons destroyed the tribble homeworld. “Picard” is implying that each artifact from “Star Trek” has been saved right here. The references and the corresponding theme music are unbearable, and so they introduce unusual new wrinkles into “Star Trek” lore. Why, as an illustration, hold a tribble in an area station? Both it is too harmful to proliferate, or it is an extinct species that may be resurrected. Having one squirreled away in a distant secret locker does not assist anybody. 

I need to state overtly, nevertheless, that the references on “Picard” are of a distinct taste than the numerous, many references one would possibly discover on any common episode of “Star Trek: Decrease Decks,” the animated collection. It is notable that “Decrease Decks” is a comedy collection that performs overtly with the same old formalism seen all through “Star Trek.” The characters are all ensigns, usually known as upon to do essentially the most undignified jobs on a starship that has little to no status within the Federation. When huge parts of extant Trek lore seem on “Decrease Decks,” it serves as a comedic juxtaposition of the characters’ smallness. Followers acknowledge it, however then the characters run previous it, and all of us have a hearty chuckle. 

“Picard” has no such humor, hanging its references with sticky, undue reverence. Simply because a personality, a ship, or a bit of know-how is essential to us the viewers, does not imply the characters would deal with it the identical. Trekkies can scent inorganic references a mile away.

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