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Scientists in Japan say they’ve found some new little guys—4 new species of insect-like creatures known as springtails, to be extra particular. The animals had been discovered dwelling in decayed wooden throughout numerous places within the nation. Probably the most distinctive of those new species is a small, colourful, six-eyed blue bug.

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Springtails are arthropods, belonging to the identical broad group of invertebrates as arachnids, crustaceans, and bugs. Although they had been as soon as thought-about bugs, they’re now acknowledged as their very own separate lineage known as collembola. Each bugs and springtails have six legs, however springtails are all wingless and have inside mouthparts, versus the exterior ones usually seen with bugs (an instance of that is the pincer-like jaws present in ants). Their title comes from the truth that many species will use their tails like a springboard to leap comparatively excessive distances in instances of hazard.

The colourful Paranura tsushimaensis, named after the island the place it was first found.Picture: Hiro Kasai, Takuo Sawahata/Zootaxa

These animals often stay in moist soil and are an important a part of their surroundings. Many species feed on decaying natural matter from different organisms like crops and fungi, which helps velocity up the decomposition course of, whereas others are predators that assist maintain sure soil microbes in verify. They’re not harmful to people within the slightest, although massive populations can sometimes grow to be a nuisance to our home crops.

1000’s of springtail species have been recognized worldwide, together with over 40 species of the genus Paranura. Solely three Paranura species of springtail have been present in Japan to this point, although. However the authors of this new analysis, printed earlier this month within the journal Zootaxa, say they’ve now discovered some extra members of this large household.

P. nakamurai, named after the one that first collected specimens of it.Picture: Hiro Kasai, Takuo Sawahata/Zootaxa

Paranura springtails appear to particularly love decaying wooden, and that’s the place all these new species had been discovered—dwelling in fallen branches on the ground of a number of broadleaf tree forests scattered throughout Japan. Certainly one of these discoveries is a colorfully blue springtail that the researchers have named Paranura tsushimaensis, after the Tsushima Island within the Nagasaki province the place it was discovered.

Paranura convallis.Picture: Hiro Kasai, Takuo Sawahata/Zootaxa

Like all springtails, P. tsushimaensis is a tiny lad, measuring solely 0.06 to 0.07 inches lengthy. Its physique is elongated and flattened, and it has two units of three black eyes. The opposite species have been coined P. nakamurai, P. alpicola and P. convallis, with one species being named after the one that collected the specimens, Kahito Nakamura. These different species vary in colour from white to orange.

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