Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

In response to a tweet by Sandberg, The Wrap reporter Scott Mendelsohn joked about Sinbad showing in “Fury of the Gods.” Sandberg revealed that he really did have plans for Sinbad to make a cameo — “He was imagined to be the man on the street who calls Shazam low voltage.”

Billy Batson’s superhero ego being known as “Shazam” is a reasonably new development. Traditionally, he is been Captain Marvel. This root can also be seen within the names of his “household” of heroes: Mary Marvel, Captain Marvel Jr., and the UK-based successor Marvelman (now often called Miracleman). Nevertheless, the present proprietor of Billy Batson is DC Comics, the rivals of Marvel comics (who’ve their very own Captain Marvel). For branding functions, DC has ditched the Captain Marvel identify.

Billy’s catchphrase, invoked when he transforms into an grownup hero, has at all times been “Shazam!” In order that’s change into his heroic moniker as nicely. Funnily sufficient, in School Humor’s “Shazaam” parody, the identical motive is given for the Genie’s identify: when he makes use of his powers, he declares, “Shazaam!”

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