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Warning: The next incorporates SPOILERS for Succession Season 4!

HBO’s acclaimed collection Succession has hinted all alongside that it’s going to finish with Roman betraying Kendall. The 2 brothers have lived below their mogul father’s monumental shadow their total lives, vying for his curiosity in naming a successor to his media empire Waystar. With Logan now out of the image following his dying in season 4, epsiode 3, Roman and Kendall lastly have the chance to stroll in Logan’s sneakers. The rest of Succession’s ultimate season will decide whether or not Roman and Kendall are literally able to operating their father’s enterprise. Up till this level, they’ve hardly been concerned in Waystar’s success, performing largely as flies on the wall and privileged visitors of the conglomerate’s operations.

Logan had beforehand expressed curiosity in finally handing Kendall the keys to his workplace, however confided in Roman greater than his different youngsters when it got here to enterprise selections. Whereas each characters have distinct private {and professional} flaws, Roman has all the time been extra obedient to Logan, whereas Kendall has confirmed himself unstable and unpredictable all through Succession’s first three seasons. With each brothers voted in as interim co-CEOs after Logan’s sudden dying in Succession, they are going to be pressured to cooperate and rely upon one another in a approach that may problem their true loyalties and pursuits. If Succession is something like historic historical past, a peaceable and cohesive decision won’t be the case for Kendall and Roman.

Historic Delusion Predicts Kendall’s Downfall

Logan regularly known as Roman “Romulus” as a nickname, though that was not his precise title. In historic historical past, Romulus was the founding father of Rome and its first king. Romulus had a brother named Remus. As the parable goes, when Romulus and Remus got down to construct Rome they had been unable to agree on the place to position it. Every brother wished to construct on separate hills. Each had been unwilling to budge. Romulus began constructing Rome the best way he had envisioned, placing a wall round his chosen hill. Remus grew to become jealous and was decided to embarrass Romulus, leaping over his wall to show how ineffective it was. This enraged Romulus, who then killed Remus, constructing Rome his approach and naming himself king.

Roman Is aware of Kendall’s Darkest Secret

In Succession, Roman or “Romulus” might notice the impossibility of working with Kendall and destroy his popularity to rebuild Waystar the best way he believes Logan would need him to. Though Roman loves his brother, Kendall is extraordinarily troublesome to handle and will make impulsive selections that might finally harm Waystar and tarnish the Roy legacy. As quickly as he acquired a style of the highest job, Kendall immediately went again to his unstable, untrustworthy methods, as demonstrated within the ultimate scene with Hugo on the finish of Succession season 4, episode 4. Roman is aware of Kendall’s darkest secret in regards to the “No Actual Particular person Concerned” incident from season 1, which might be Kendall’s Achilles heel in Succession if he decides to disrespect Roman’s new authority.

Remus leaping over Romulus’s wall within the historic fable might foreshadow a scenario the place Kendall tries to thwart or invalidate Roman’s government selections as co-CEO. Now that Roman is lastly able of actual energy, there’s nothing stopping him from betraying his brother if Kendall continues to be egocentric and egotistical in damaging methods. He might kill Kendall in a approach Logan could not convey himself to do, which could clarify the partially crossed-out pencil mark on Logan’s letter. Logan had expressed to Kendall that he did not suppose he was a killer, regardless of his initials KLR. If Kendall pushes Roman far sufficient, he would possibly notice which of Logan’s sons is the true killer by the top of Succession.

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