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FREEPORT, Bahamas — Not a theoretical menace, overfishing throughout the globe has worn out species from areas the place they as soon as thrived. And one result’s that it’s taken off the desk beloved culturally necessary dishes.

Within the Bahamas, authorities officers and conservationists are working to avoid wasting the conch – a marine snail that’s central to the island nation’s eating regimen, financial system and identification.

The overfishing challenges confronted by Bahamians are mirrored in locations as completely different as Senegal, the place overfishing has taken away white grouper, lengthy a major ingredient within the nationwide dish of thieboudienne, and the Philippines, the place it has depleted small fish similar to sardines which might be utilized in kinilaw, a uncooked dish just like ceviche.


“After I was a baby, we by no means needed to go that far to get conch,” mentioned Tereha Davis, 49, whose household has fished for conch for 5 generations within the Bahamas.

Davis and others keep in mind when somebody might stroll into the water from the seaside and choose up conch. Now conch fishers need to go farther and farther from shore – generally so far as 30 miles.

Queen conch is the principle meals species. In accordance with authorities authorities and conservation businesses, its decline has been drastic. A 2011 survey of the Exuma Cays, a crucial fishing space, discovered that the density of grownup conch had declined by almost 91% on the islands’ shelf over a 20-year interval, based on paperwork from the Meals and Agriculture Group of the United Nations.

The depletion adopted years of heavy harvesting – fishers who harvested about 1.7 million kilos of conch within the Seventies had been as much as greater than 14 million kilos by 2006, the paperwork state. The lack of conch intensified on a number of fishing grounds across the nation beginning within the Nineteen Nineties.

Specialists say the conch fishery might now not be commercially viable in as little as six years.


Specialists say that there are a number of elements contributing to the overfishing.

Andrew Kough, a scientist with Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium who has researched conch in Bahamian waters, mentioned one problem the shellfish face is the shortage of enforcement of current legal guidelines, which limit fishing by overseas vessels. Industrialized fishing fleets from different nations have overexploited some areas the place conch develop, he mentioned. Bahamian conch fishers level to such close by nations because the Dominican Republic and Jamaica, which have stricter restrictions on conch fishing than the Bahamas.

Lindy Knowles, senior science officer with Bahamas Nationwide Belief, says that the Bahamas’ nationwide affiliation with conch can be a big half what has led to the decline, with robust native demand resulting in its depletion in quite a few areas within the nation.

With such excessive demand, it’s tough to conch to breed quick sufficient to maintain the inhabitants, Knowles mentioned.


The warming local weather makes issues worse.

Local weather change has triggered unpredictable climate that has disrupted and broken conch habitats and fishing grounds.

Seagrass beds the place conchs collect in giant grounds have been severely broken by storms similar to Hurricane Maria in 2017, resulting in thinning herds, scientists say.

One other drawback is rising acidification with the warming ocean, which damages conch shells. And altering sea temperatures have disrupted migration patterns. That’s prone to disrupt the reproductive season, based on a 2022 examine within the journal PLOS One.


The federal government within the Bahamas is exploring a number of methods to avoid wasting conch.

A part of the answer is extra aggressive enforcement of current legal guidelines. And the Bahamas Nationwide Belief, a non-profit that manages nationwide parks, is working to get fishers instruments to assist them measure conchs to make sure they’re large enough to reap.

Lowering the fishery by half over the subsequent three years, as a brand new proposal guarantees to do, is one approach to probably stave off the lack of conch, Knowles mentioned.

And strain on conch could possibly be decreased from outdoors. The U.S., the most important importer of conch from the Bahamas, is contemplating itemizing conch underneath the Endangered Species Act, which might halt imports into the nation.

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