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Pictures through Marvel Comics and Common Photos

It might appear that the Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania haters have all however disbanded because the hype shifts to an absolute underdog of an motion/thriller in Elizabeth Banks’ Cocaine Bear, primarily based on the true story of a 500-pound black bear that ingested a duffel bag filled with cocaine in 1985.

It’s a downright bonkers idea, conceived by screenwriter Jimmy Warden (whom many may know as Prepared or Not star Samara Weaving’s boyfriend) and helmed by Banks, who beforehand labored on the Charlie’s Angels reboot in addition to Pitch Excellent 2. For the sake of dramatization, Banks deviated considerably from the supply materials, whereby the bear dies of an overdose shortly after experiencing a multi-million greenback excessive. As a substitute, the black bear goes on a drug-fueled rampage, killing hitchhikers, vacationers, cops, and anybody else that dares disrupt its psychedelic journey. Oh, did we point out that the actual CB was stuffed and displayed in an area Kentucky mall upon discovery? And it stays there to today.

Within the occasions of Cocaine Bear, many tried and did not put an finish to CB’s bloodbath, however all that effort was in useless. After consuming that a lot cocaine, the apex predator grew to become just about indestructible, viciously slaughtering numerous people. In conditions like these, the neatest tactic is to struggle hearth with hearth — bear with bear — to have any hope of taking down CB for good. And in Marvel Comics, throughout quite a few universes and timelines, there exists a handful of bear-themed superheroes. Are you considering what we’re considering? Bear struggle!

The Grizzly

Picture through Marvel Comics

The Grizzly, in any other case often known as Maxwell Markham, as soon as lived a rewarding life as an expert wrestler whose brutal ways got here beneath hearth by J. Jonah Jameson, who wrote a scathing editorial disciplinary that prompted legislation enforcement to analyze his wrestling fee. Markham had his license revoked attributable to Jameson’s public shaming and the distaste in the direction of extreme aggression in wrestling.

Some 10 years later, Markham obtained an exoskeleton from Jackal that will increase his power, which he used to assault The Each day Bugle head workplace to take revenge on Jameson for slandering him and ending his profession. Naturally, Spider-Man defeated him, main Grizzly to hitch Jackal in a last-ditch try and defeat Spider-Man, however the former was despatched to jail. As soon as he’d escaped, Grizzly took his exoskeleton to a tinkerer for an improve, then challenged Spider-Man to a rematch earlier than becoming a member of the Spider-Man Revenge Squad. Contemplating his recurrent failure in besting Spider-Man, maybe Grizzly isn’t the person (or bear) for the job, however he’d actually give CB an entertaining brawl.

Ursa Main

Picture through Marvel Comics

Mikhail Ursus, who adopted the moniker Ursa Main, is a mutant able to reworking into a large brown bear inside a matter of seconds. Though the change provides a further 14 inches in top and 700 lbs in weight, he retains his full degree of intelligence, persona, and talent to talk. Main additionally develops the sturdiness of an grownup Siberian bear, granting him superhuman power, velocity, stamina, and reflexes.

Nonetheless, a significant flaw in his mutation maintains that Ursa Main begins to slowly lose his intelligence if he stays in bear kind for longer than six hours. Initially, in Russia, all mutants had been deemed a risk and executed on sight, however a sure Professor Phobos satisfied the Soviet authorities to permit him to coach them as loyal recruits. Though Main was part of Soviet Tremendous-Troopers for whereas, he ultimately joined the Winter Guard to analyze the demise of Abomination. Main sits above Grizzly because the odds-on favourite in opposition to CB, merely as a result of it’s actually a bear-on-bear struggle, whereas Grizzly depends solely on the restrictions of his exoskeleton.

Demon Bear

Picture through twentieth Century Studios

The one furry entity on this listing to have made an MCU debut, the Demon Bear originated as a figment of Danielle Moonstar’s creativeness, haunting her nightmares and threatening to kill her. In actual fact, the Demon Bear was supposedly liable for the demise of Moonstar’s mother and father. Because it turned out, Demon Bear was actual, however Dani kept away from informing her staff — the New Mutants — of its presence in her goals. Finally, the Demon Bear corners Dani and savagely mauls her, severing her backbone. The New Mutants uncover her on campus grounds and rush her to the hospital, the place the Demon Bear returns to complete the job and possess her soul.

After being transported to the Badlands, the Demon Bear’s dimension, the New Mutants handle to defeat it with Magik’s Soulsword, her best asset in wielding black magic. As soon as Magik cleaved the bear in half along with her Soulsword, Dani’s mother and father emerged from its physique, not useless, however merely enslaved all this time. Related occasions transpired in 2020’s The New Mutants, whereby Blu Hunt’s Dani Moonstar is pursued by the Demon Bear and Anya Taylor-Pleasure’s Magik in the end defeats it. We’d say the Demon Bear might demolish CB with out a lot hassle, contemplating CB is however a median black bear, albeit excessive on cocaine with enhanced senses. Nonetheless, the Demon Bear would make fast work of squashing CB like an ant.


Picture through Marvel Comics

Hailing from Earth-21376, particularly the Battleworld All-Bear area, Beardevil is a counterpart of Daredevil, the Man With out Worry. After he and his companion, Foggy Bearson, had been terrorized by an alternate type of human Foggy Nelson from one other universe, Beardevil determined to assist a trio of Scott Summers (all from completely different dimensions) earn the favor of Jean Gray.

Beardevil seems solely briefly within the comics, attacking and killing that universe’s Wolverine — who was courting Jean Gray on the time — however getting knocked out by Foggy Nelson’s tranquilizer dart. If he’s something just like the OG Daredevil, then Beardevil would wipe the ground with CB, aided by years of relentless martial arts coaching. And what does CB have? Cocaine. Simply cocaine. Though that fleeting excessive may grant CB a wonderful excessive and a brief burst of homicidal vitality, it wouldn’t be sufficient to take down Beardevil, who not solely weights 200 kilos greater than CB, but in addition has years of fight expertise in opposition to foes extra formidable than a mere bear.

Ben Grizzly

Picture through Marvel Comics

Basically, Ben Grizzly is a variant of Ben Grimm — Improbable 4’s The Factor — that hails from the identical universe as Peter Porker aka Spider-Ham. This model of Ben is nicknamed “The Thang” and companions with different members of the Improbable Fur; The Asinine Torch, a donkey and parody of the golden-age Human Torch; Mooster Improbable, a moose and parody of Mister Improbable; and Invisible Gorrilla, a gorilla and parody of Invisible Lady. The Improbable Fur are the second-most recurring superheroes within the Spider-Ham universe, the primary being Captain Americat.

Not a lot has been disclosed about Ben Grizzly moreover his handful of appearances alongside Spider-Ham, however from what we all know, he shares the identical powers as Earth-616’s Ben Grimm, besides he’s… a bear. That’s a fairly appreciable benefit over CB, since we’ve seen first-hand simply how highly effective Grimm is within the comics and live-action variations, so CB isn’t any match for the formidable power of Ben Grizzly.

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