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You’re a group of Dollys in a pinktastic plastic world who purchased a Dolly Dream Home to maneuver in there collectively… Dolly, We Purchased a Dream Home is a GM-less one-shot story recreation for 2-6 gamers. It wants zero prep and is ideal for one-shots and nice for adults and youngsters alike. Simply collect some cube, get one thing to put in writing/draw, open the zine/PDF and begin enjoying!

Detect Or Die is a tabletop RPG of neo-noir empiricism, unstable detectives, and whole ego demise & resurrection, closely impressed by Disco Elysium and Bluebeard’s Bride. The Detective gamers every take the function of part of the Detective’s thoughts, in dialog with the GM who acts because the World—the Case, the opposite characters, and the Detective’s personal inescapable previous. Makes use of a closely modified model of Powered by the Apocalypse, with novel programs for the mixed Detective’s skills in addition to recovering reminiscences, utilizing flashbacks created by each the Detective and the World.

Hook, line, & cyber is a zero prep GMless cyberpunk one shot utilizing Go Fish & generative tables to play out a collection of neon-tinged crimes, for group or solo play. Describe dastardly neon-tinged montages whereas leaning on mechanics you’ve identified like your whole life & an enormous array of generative tables to slip you effortlessly into enjoying out the chaotic skilled lives of shadowrunners, bounty hunters, or another sort of excessive tech dystopic gig economic system adjoining freelance criminals for rent.

You’re a cryptid. Make it by a college day with out being outed. What’s Popping, Fellow Youngsters? is a 1-page duet TTRPG that lets adults lastly get reply to the query, “So how’s college?”

Constellation is a lovely hardcover anthology containing zines from 12 unbiased creators. Full of motion, horror, and intimate emotional experiences, this ebook consists of new journey settings and video games for one, two, or extra gamers. Curated by Sebastian Yūe.

A light-weight, diceless system a couple of horde of zombies attempting to make sense of a world that hates them for being sick.

The most recent chapter within the collection Solo Adventures within the Underdark, The Misplaced Hammer of Stonefront pits the PC towards difficult hordes of undead on a quest to redeem a dwarven clan. For a solo 4th degree D&D 5E participant or participant and DM.

Dystopian leisure. Expendable actuality stars. Convicted criminals who will cease at nothing to outlive. Now broadcast dwell 24/7 from the Fearsome Wilderness!

The Misplaced Bay is a suburban horror tabletop RPG set in alternate 90s. The Misplaced Bay can also be the title of the setting the place the sport takes place: a coastal suburb impressed by movies and media from the 80s and 90s. In it you play as an adolescent touched by the Bizarre, an historical pressure that provides you supernatural powers and consumes you. It’s the Summer season of Blood, the final summer season, and also you roam the Bay along with your gang, its malls, arcade video games retailers, skateparks and seashores, and struggle the Horror that has woke up.

Parts of Process is a tabletop roleplaying recreation for 3 to 4 gamers, with a narrator to information them alongside. Hailing from throughout time, distant and way back, gamers will create and play as an Operative, a human who gave up their humanity, becoming a member of the timeless and turning into interdimensional to tackle this immortal activity; who arrives in a while and to some place, to analyze these breaks and work to get time again heading in the right direction.

VKILLER is a brief horror-comedy TTRPG about VTubers and different streamers getting caught up in murders at an extremely poorly-managed streamer con.

Cloud Empress is an expansive, Nausicaa-inspired fantasy marketing campaign setting for the Mothership Sci-Fi Horror RPG. Cloud Empress locations you in a world dominated by the patterns of big magical cicadas.

Mutants within the Subsequent is the primary enlargement for Mutants within the Now, the retro-modern, mutant-animal, role-playing recreation! Act as heroic vigilantes towards firms, criminals, and extradimensional invaders in an exaggerated modern-day setting. Whereas they’ll discover themselves at odds with different mutants, the general focus is on dealing with down oppressive and exploitative forces in search of to make use of them.

Demise Sentence is a horror TTRPG for tense one-shots within the vein of the most effective slasher motion pictures. In it, roleplay and *rollplay* are seamlessly built-in for cinematic pacing and heart-pounding motion! The motion decision system is straightforward: roll a bunch of d6s and depend your successes.

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