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Within the newest episode of the sequence, amidst thrilling flashbacks to when Jar Jar Binks might have saved Grogu, we additionally noticed yet one more Mandalorian child get kidnapped by a large creature proper exterior the Mandalorians’ doorsteps. Although all of them rush in to save lots of the child from the enormous pterodactyl-looking factor, none of them handle to catch it earlier than their jetpacks run out of gasoline. Seems, Mandalorian jetpacks are similar to dwarfs in “The Lord of the Rings”: Within the phrases of Gimli, they’re “wasted on cross-country,” however “very harmful over quick distances.”

Once they do ultimately attain the nest of the creatures they name raptors, they rescue the child and kill the raptor mama, however solely after seeing that she was simply kidnapping tiny kids to be able to feed her personal infants — like several good guardian would. After all, the Mandalorians are egocentric and violence-prone, so they simply butcher the mother and go away the orphaned infants out to die alone on a cliff … or do they?

Within the last scene, we see Bo-Katan by some means match like 10 Mandalorians and likewise three large raptor infants on her ship (which is now extra like a clown automotive), and introduces the chicks as “foundlings.” It is vitally unlikely we’ll see the birds with Mandalorian helmets and weapons sooner or later, so it’s extra possible that the raptors will as a substitute repair a serious downside for the Mandalorians and exchange their jetpacks.

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