Fri. Sep 29th, 2023

Is the period of actually peaceable holidays over? One Redditor noticed “unskippable” adverts throughout their latest South Florida trip, ruining an in any other case quiet seaside day.

The video, shared to the Anticonsumption subreddit, exhibits an aerial advert flying simply off the shore with a large QR code on it and the caption, “You’ll be able to’t adblock this.”

One other advert exhibits a picture of a girl holding a semi-automatic rifle, with the caption from Lock and Load Miami that learn, “shoot machine weapons.”

“My trip to Miami Seashore is getting ruined by unskippable adverts,” the Redditor writes.

Not solely are aerial adverts like these disturbing to see, however as a result of they’re connected to planes, they contribute to air pollution and negatively impression air high quality, significantly in densely populated areas.

In addition they require the usage of soiled vitality sources that contribute to planet-heating gases throughout sourcing and manufacturing.

Aerial advert plane additionally create noise air pollution, which can’t solely disrupt your quiet trip, however it could possibly additionally disturb wildlife and disrupt their regular behaviors.

“So that is gross and irritating, however what’s additionally bothering me — are you able to even scan a [QR] code whereas it’s being flown by the sky like that? Additionally, I can’t advert block you however you can also’t pressure me to scan your silly code,” writes one Redditor.

They be aware that it’s even “extra irritating” that it looks like they’re “simply making an attempt to show a degree and being extraordinarily wasteful within the meantime, however I take consolation in the truth that it’s extremely unlikely they see any return on funding for these adverts.”

“Not solely did it spoil your trip, it ruined my morning espresso,” writes one Redditor. “Their advertising and marketing man is a genius.”

One other person summed it up in a single phrase. “Cringe,” they write.

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