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The League of Legends PBE patch 13.18 cycle is on its manner, and Riot Video games will introduce modifications to the check server to strive them out earlier than transport them with the official replace. One in every of its greatest highlights is the modifications making their solution to Briar, in addition to the buffs to picks like Thresh, Senna, and Gwen. Nerfs may even be hitting Xayah, Rell, and Kayne with changes to Statikk Shiv’s wave clear.

Nonetheless, it’s essential to notice that the modifications listed beneath are tentative and will not replicate solely on the official patch subsequent week.

The League of Legends PBE is the check server, and Riot Video games might be testing the brand new modifications earlier than together with them in patch 13.18, which is anticipated to be launched on September 13, 2013

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League of Legends PBE patch 13.18 modifications

1) Champion Buffs


E power price decreased from 100 – 80 to 80 flat • R cooldown decreased from 120 seconds flat to 120 – 80


Well being progress elevated from 109 to 115 • P monster harm cap elevated from 6 + 10% AP to fifteen + 20% AP


R cooldown decreased from 140 – 100 seconds to 125 – 85


W defend per soul elevated from 1.5 to 2


Crit harm elevated from 160.125 to 175% (regular)

2) Champion nerfs


Base well being decreased from 660 to 630 • Well being progress elevated from 102 to 106E cooldown elevated from 11 – 9 seconds to 13 – 9


Well being progress decreased from 115 to 108 • Base AD decreased from 68 to 66


E MS decreased from 15% – 25% to 12% – 20%


Rhaast P therapeutic decreased from 20 – 30% to 25% flatRhaast R AD ratio decreased from 13% per 100 bonus AD to 10%

Jarvan IV

P harm decreased from 8% present HP to six%

3) Champion Changes


Berserk now prioritizes epic and enormous monsters over different non-championsP Therapeutic amp now correctly works with regen (doran’s defend, potions, and so on)W Now prioritizes giant monsters over small onesR Now dispels CC’s on Briar when the missile hits. Does NOT dispel Morde R. +Varied bugfixes

4) Merchandise nerfs

Spear of Shojin

Crown of the Shattered Queen modifications:

Harm discount decreased from 50% to 40%

5) Merchandise Changes

Statikk Shiv

Minion harm decreased from 250 – 350 to 200 flat • AD elevated from 45 to 50

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