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Basil Iwanyk and Derek Kolstad’s motion thriller franchise John Wick follows the murderer recognized by the Russian prison underworld as Baba Yaga, John Wick’s nickname, which supposedly means boogeyman. The primary installment within the franchise adopted the murderer (performed by Keanu Reeves) as he comes out of retirement to take revenge on the boys who’ve killed his canine. Daisy, the canine, was an sudden ultimate present from John’s late spouse Helen (Bridget Moynahan) — and your complete underworld is terrified on the mere prospect of the “Baba Yaga” returning.


By killing Daisy, the assassins set off John’s rage-fuelled revenge spree throughout the trilogy, which is able to proceed in John and Bowery King’s (Laurence Fishburne) battle in opposition to the Excessive Desk in John Wick 4. All through John Wick, Keanu Reeves’ titular murderer is described in mythic phrases. He lurks behind shadows and seems when he should search revenge for the wrongdoings of others, with each weapon John Wick makes use of additional cementing his legendary fame. Finally, his previous gave him the nickname, however what does John Wick’s Baba Yaga nickname imply, actually?

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The Russian Witch Named Baba Yaga

The John Wick franchise is definitely improper about Baba Yaga being the “Russian boogeyman.” This has been a supply of confusion for people who find themselves accustomed to the title, in addition to followers who dedicate time to understanding a beloved character’s backstory. Baba Yaga’s roots and origins in Russian folklore create an excellent deeper that means to John Wick, which makes it shocking that the franchise was not as attentive to this element to strengthen the story.

Baba Yaga is just not the “Russian boogeyman” in any respect, she is a unique being altogether. That stated, contemplating John Wick’s kill depend, the Baba Yaga is just not that totally different from the modern-day murderer. In Russian folklore, she is a witch who lives in a matted house that stands on rooster legs. Much like the Brothers Grimm story of the witch in Hansel And Gretel (1812), Baba Yaga lures kids into her house to devour them. She surrounds her house with the human stays of her victims. Baba Yaga has been mythologized as dwelling on this world and the following, showing anyplace at will with out warning — similar to John.

The Baba Yaga John Wick Nickname Is Half Of The Franchise’s Success

If John Wick’s nickname was really referential to the boogeyman, he can be referred to as a Babay. The time period interprets to “a boogeyman,” not a specific particular person, however certainly one of many. Furthermore, Baba Yaga is a nickname that may be higher fitted to a member of John Wick’s Excessive Desk — somebody with the persona and affect that really matches that of the Russian witch.

In actual fact, save for his or her penchant for homicide, John Wick doesn’t share some other similarity with Baba Yaga – he isn’t malevolent nor does he search to hurt the harmless. Quite the opposite, he needs revenge on those that have carried out improper. Then again, maybe there’s extra to his story than viewers know – extra of which will likely be additional revealed in John Wick 4. Till then, using Baba Yaga within the John Wick franchise is complicated and a bit unnerving if his character is predicated totally on his nickname.

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Regardless of these issues with Baba Yaga, John Wick’s misnomer of a nickname, the very fact is that its a part of what makes the John Wick franchise profitable. Certainly, John Wick’s nickname is a four-syllable story by itself, immediately related to the affairs of the Continental, the Russian mob, and the existence of the Excessive Desk. These parts come collectively to offer the distinct vibe and concrete lore that differentiate John Wick from some other motion film franchise in latest historical past.

As John Wick franchise creator and screenwriter Derek Kolstad defined (through Bulletproof Screenwriting), “what’s been nice in creating John Wick, too, is we love John Wick, you realize, I imply, he was the Baba Yaga. He was the satan. And there could also be a little bit of that also inside him. However there’s one thing about that you just love, you realize.”

Although John Wick may be probably the most well-known character related to Baba Yaga, she has lengthy lingered within the zeitgeist. For example, Baba Yaga is the first inspiration for The Witcher’s Deathless Mom, also referred to as Voleth Meir. Not solely did Voleth Meir’s hut have basilisk legs – much like Baba Yaga’s chicken-legged home — the incantation to get into Voleth Meir’s hut can be the identical because the one for locating Baba Yaga’s. One other model of Baba Yaga additionally exists in The Witcher video video games.

In the meantime, within the 2019 Hellboy reboot, the primary antagonist is a particularly horrifying model of Baba Yaga that’s a lot nearer to the Russian fable — a twisted spirit that instructions historic magics and manipulates others for her personal malevolent ends. Baba Yaga’s affect may even be traced again to the seminal Dragon Ball saga, notably by means of Grasp Roshi’s sister Fortuneteller Baba Saga, who’s loosely based mostly on the mythic witch. Whereas these interpretations are rather more trustworthy to the actual Baba Yaga, the very fact is that, right this moment, John Wick is virtually synonymous with the title.

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John Wick 4 must observe by means of and reveal extra about what the titular murderer has carried out that warranted such a fearful nickname. Though John’s thirst for revenge is not precisely an indication of excellent character, it is scarcely sufficient to justify dubbing him the Baba Yaga of the Slavic prison underworld. Promisingly, it could appear that the franchise is headed in the direction of a a lot darker story based mostly on the John Wick 4 teaser. Relying on what the John Wick 4 plot reveals about John’s previous, perhaps he might be precisely like Baba Yaga in spite of everything.

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