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Ben is already separated from the youngsters as the one grownup and authority determine to outlive the crash. Steven Kruger defined within the “Edible Advanced” oral historical past for The Hollywood Reporter that this makes him really feel accountable to information his college students in the proper path and away from any mistaken choices — like cannibalism — that may torment them. As their trainer, he is aware of that he’ll face probably the most repercussions and questions for what they’ve performed within the wilderness if they’re rescued. In the event that they begin to eat each other, their lives are irrevocably broken. 

Nevertheless, the second the Yellowjackets wildly feast on Jackie’s physique, “he fully loses management over everyone else, and I believe that is probably the most haunting factor for him,” Kruger advised THR. He elaborated in Selection on Ben’s resolution to not be a part of within the feast: 

“He sees this transformation happen on their faces and of their habits, and hastily, he acknowledges that it isn’t him and never the best way we ought to be going about this. He is instantly repulsed. That finally ends up being this inciting incident that lights the match for the remainder of the season about how he pertains to these ladies, about what his place is within the group, and about how he has to take care of the repercussions of just about ostracizing himself from the remainder of them.”

In keeping with Krueger, the one approach Ben would have dined on Jackie was “if there was some logical dialogue” concerning the resolution, slightly than a feeding frenzy. Up till that time, he tried to keep up order within the risky wilderness. Ben realizes that when they provide in to cannibalism, a sure line between anarchy and socially acceptable habits has been crossed and there’s no going again. The truth is, cannibalism could also be only the start of their savagery.

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