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Luke Skywalker could have struggled with the darkish aspect in The Empire Strikes Again, but it surely was truly Yoda who was in peril of falling. As unbelievable as which will sound, there’s fairly a little bit of proof to recommend that Yoda was certainly falling to the darkish aspect, fulfilling the very warning he gave Luke. Viewing Yoda’s character via this lens recontextualizes all of his scenes with Luke and provides extra depth to the overarching story of the unique Star Wars trilogy.


Yoda falling to the darkish aspect would additionally tie again to the Star Wars prequel trilogy and the failures of the Jedi Order. The Jedi’s imaginative and prescient was clouded by the darkish aspect of the Power, permitting them to turn into embroiled in a battle that blinded them till the Republic was gone and the Order decimated. This provides credibility to Yoda being the one who was falling to the darkish aspect and would make George Lucas’ saga in regards to the Jedi Order’s redemption, not simply Anakin Skywalker’s. Nevertheless, The Empire Strikes Again contained loads of proof by itself, hinting that Yoda, not Luke, was falling to the darkish aspect on Dagobah.

Jedi Do not Deal In Absolutes – However Yoda Did

“Solely a Sith offers in absolutes.” These had been Obi-Wan Kenobi’s phrases to Anakin on Mustafar, however Yoda confirmed that even a Jedi Grasp might fall into this lure. Yoda’s darkish aspect warning to Luke was proper, explaining how damaging feelings might simply lead a Jedi down the improper path. Even so, his phrases to Luke sounded awfully like an absolute: “If when you begin down the darkish path, endlessly will it dominate your future, devour you it’ll, because it did Obi-Wan’s apprentice.” Not solely was this the start of the deadlock between Luke and his masters over Darth Vader’s redemption, but it surely additionally uncovered Yoda’s personal fault.

Yoda dealing in absolutes is similar to what the Jedi declare is a Sith mind-set, which means that Yoda himself was battling the darkish aspect. Obi-Wan’s line additionally demonstrated that Yoda and the Jedi struggled with this throughout the prequel trilogy, as his line to Anakin was itself an absolute. Even Yoda’s most well-known line, “do, or don’t, there is no such thing as a strive,” is an absolute. Whereas it was meant to encourage dedication, it might’ve led Luke down the improper path later in his journey. Luke was continuously given two decisions however discovered a greater means, demonstrating the hazard of taking Yoda’s recommendation too actually.

Yoda Was Consumed By Concern… Of The Darkish Facet

Yoda additionally warned Anakin that “worry is the trail to the darkish aspect,” but Yoda himself was clearly afraid. Yoda refused to coach Luke as a result of he was afraid that he’d prove like his father. He was afraid of the darkish aspect when he rapidly dismissed Luke’s query about whether or not it was stronger, nearly as if attempting to persuade himself. Lastly, he was afraid of what would occur to Luke if he left to avoid wasting his mates and of Vader and the Emperor not being stopped. Yoda’s worry was fully comprehensible, however because the Jedi Grasp himself mentioned, “worry results in anger, anger results in hate, hate… results in struggling.”

Star Wars Proved Yoda Fallacious When Anakin Skywalker Was Redeemed

What really means that Yoda was falling to the darkish aspect is that Star Wars proved he was improper about Anakin. Yoda believed that it was inconceivable for somebody to return from the darkish aspect as soon as they’d began down the trail, and each he and Obi-Wan believed that Luke wanted to kill Vader. Nevertheless, Luke listening to his academics would have been the very factor that sealed his personal darkish destiny, as killing Vader out of anger was precisely what the Emperor needed. By rejecting what everybody else thought was finest, Luke selected love and non-violence, proving himself a real Jedi and provoking his father to return to the sunshine.

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For all of Yoda’s warnings in regards to the darkish aspect, it is clear that he was succumbing to its affect. It was Luke who took his trainer’s phrases and really put them into observe, conquering the darkish aspect inside himself and provoking others to do the identical. Fortunately, Yoda overcame the darkish aspect in the long run, turning into one with the Power and taking a look at Luke with satisfaction. It offers better which means to Yoda telling Luke that “we’re what they develop past.” Yoda could very nicely have been falling to the darkish aspect in The Empire Strikes Again, making it for the most effective that Luke and Anakin proved him improper.

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